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Google's Structured Data Testing Tool to validate structured data markup and rich snippet display

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Breadcrumb using rich snippets

I am having problems implementing the breadcrumb rich snippets from When I construct my breadcrumb using the documentation and run via Google Rich Snippet testing tool, the breadcrumb is ...
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Detecting structured data in Google Webmaster Tools

We have added some markup to a dozen of webpages on our website to provide rich snippets in Google SERP (different types, such as authorship and reviews). They are correct - at least, ...
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New required mainEntityOfPage for article structured data

I had a look at the article structured data as proposed by Google and saw that there are a new required and recommended fields, they weren't there last week. Here is the link: https://developers....
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JSON-LD markup for review snippets shows duplicates

I'm following Google's official examples to make JSON-LD markup for reviews and test in Google's structured data testing tool. When making list of reviews for the same organization (all reviews are ...
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Correct image dimensions when using's logo/image

What are the correct image dimensions when using’s logo/image (e.g., for a Brand)? I want to create a logo for the brand with correct dimensions so that it doesn't look too distorted when ...
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Google isn't surfacing Events rich snippets in SERP when JSON-LD Structured Data is valid

Google confirms our site has thousands of valid MusicEvent structured data objects presented using JSON-LD, as indicated in the Structured Data section of Webmaster Tools. However, rich snippets for ...
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How long does Google take for the rating stars to show up in the SERP?

I have a rated page since 10 days ago, and the rating starts are still not showing in SERP. Google Structured Data Testing Tool is not showing any errors. Should I wait some more time? How long does ...
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Google SDTT does not fetch structured data by URL

I initially wrote some code that created the structured data for breadcrumb and product markup on the server's side and rendered them in the <body> of the page. While the mark up was correct ...
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Google search results not showing my events rich snippets but does in test tool

When I search on "tennessee basketball tournaments", I see my result, but my events dont show up. I believe I did everything right since this is an ajax page, but I tell Google that ...
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NewsArticle: "logo.itemtype has an invalid value"

I tested this RDFa on Google Structured Data Testing Tool: <main vocab=""> <article typeof="NewsArticle"> <h2 property="headline">Wie instaliert Virtual Box in ...
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Rich snippet rating and review data not showing on Google SRP [duplicate]

Searching Google for for responsible+pest+control+reviews returns no reviews data for my website even through I have correct review markup. Is it an error in page tagging or just a matter of time ...
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Not able to see structered data in search results even when it looks fine in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool

My website uses structured data schema. It is showing up correctly in the Google Structured Data Testing Tool. It still is not showing in search results. Why is that and what can I do about it?
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Should I use only one type of markup?

I'm trying to be a good boy and implement the relevant markup and tags that make people happy and clappy. In doing so I have assimilated multiple sources of information, and implemented multiple types ...
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Google Rich Card JSON-LD not detected - Corporate Information [duplicate]

I'm using structured data in order to get Corporate Information to appear when people search for the company's name on Google. I'm following the correct structure (data-type: corporate-contacts - ...
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