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Position of a web site or a web page in Google results.

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Does having a website inside a frame (<frameset>) helps or affect search engine rankings?

I have been working to promote my website from long time but not getting such traffic as work I have done on that. My website is running online with another domain using framset so is it somewhere ...
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Is link building still a factor for getting rank in Google?

Is link building still a major factor for good ranking in SERP’s of Google?
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How do I get a page on my site to appear in the "video results" section

Direct Lyrics appears at the top of these search results as a "video result" (next to an inviting thumbnail). But the page in question is just a page of lyrics with an embedded YouTube video. My ...
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2 answers

How Do Search Engines Rank Combined Keywords?

Suppose: A site that ranks very well (1st result) for something like 'best blue widget'. It also ranks very well (1st page) for 'blue widget'. It ranks not so well (2nd page) for 'widget'. Obviously,...
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Does multilingual content on a single page hurt SEO?

Well, I have a strange question. It is about my wordpress based site. It is in English and it ranked very well till I put a link to another site and the anchor text was in Cyrillic. 2 weeks later I ...
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8 answers

Does a site's bounce rate influence Google rankings?

Does Google consider bounce rate or something similar in ranking sites? Background: here at Stack Exchange we noticed that the latest Google algorithm changes resulted in about a 20% dip in traffic ...
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2 answers

Does it help with page SEO if I have a google map on the page?

I know having images or video sometimes helps boost a page's SEO. But what about a google map of some relevant things?
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1 answer

Launch of new website deleted google rank?

I think i might have slipped up here and would love some advice on this before i start making changes We have the domains and Currently we have the main site on www....
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2 answers

Does Google use Google Analytics information in its search algorithms?

Does anyone know whether Google makes use of the information it obtains via Google analytics in ranking of search results? Does it, for instance, make use of the bounce rate for a page given a ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What determines the order of results for Google Places?

I have a website that when you search for the key terms in Google, comes up first in the list. However, just above it in the Google Places section, it comes in second in the list. Does Google Places ...
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1 answer

Are temporarily hidden elements bad for search-engine rankings?

I've been reading a lot of information saying that hidden elements are bad and that search engines penalize pages for using them. I started to get really worried about it when I realized that MOST of ...
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3 answers

Search engine impact of irrelevant inbound links?

On several of my websites, I noticed a significant number of inbound links coming from irrelevant websites. For example, one of my site is about travel and one of site that links to it is about male-...
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4 answers

Why my site is not ranking for particular keyword [duplicate]

My site is only 3 days to be 6 months old. This website is unique, that is there is no competitor to this type site in India, providing comparison of payment gateways in India, besides the payment ...
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Why Google not ranking my websites..?

Please observe and Why is this site does not get ranked by Google Spider? It has been grayed in Google Tool Bar for a while. Google has the ...
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149 votes
2 answers

Does the order of keywords matter in a page title?

Stack Overflow has made a change to their page titles such that the most popular tag for a question appears at the start of the title. The change is being deployed across the network, so check out ...
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3 answers

Why is Google not ranking my page?

After I re-designed my website, Google stoped ranking my page. I have no idea why. I'm not banned from Google, because my website is position #1 on the search. And my META tags for robots look like ...
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Why would Google's ranking algorithm move a search result due to quotes?

Yesterday at 10AM, the Google search: "Submitting values of "jQuery Editable Invoice" into a MySQL DB using PHP" came up with as the 8th result on the page. The first was a ...
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What are the best ways to improve a site's position in Google?

What are the best ways to improve a site's position in the Google search results?

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