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Questions tagged [google-ranking]

Position of a web site or a web page in Google results.

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Does Content Security Policy (CSP) affect Google ranking? Pagespeed scores are worse without unsafe-inline

I introduced Content Security Policy (CSP) in a website, nonetheless some of its commands and implications seem to negatively affect Google Page Speed Insights ranking. That happens in certain CSP ...
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Publication wrong date in google search result

I am working on Website developed by ANgular+Nojdejs. I work now especially on SEO. I noticed that my pages are displayed with the wrong dates in google search results. I am using several structured ...
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301 Old content to New Content but now different language (negative SEO effect?)

I have a question. I have a Dutch website and used to receive backlinks from good and high-quality websites. Now, I want to 301 redirect the Dutch page to an English page. Will this affect my website'...
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Will correcting the timezone of a WordPress installation effect the search engine rankings of all the posts?

I am using WordPress CMS. I had started my blog 2 years ago. Right now I have 284 blog posts in my sitemap. When I started my blog, I made a mistake while selecting time zone. I live in India my time ...
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How can I remove the indexing to my site of a secondary domain no longer owned by me whose only function was to redirect to the main one from Google?

I had a series of domains that redirected to a main domain (let's call it A) where the website is located. One of them is no longer owned by me, and a few hours after being removed from the previous ...
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Woocommerce multisite seo and duplicate content

I have a client who runs a renting business. Actualy he's got an old wordpress where clients fills a form containing name, adress, the product they want to rent plus other optional infos. When he ...
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How to understand why my page is not ranking with any word despite all the work?

I have a 2500 words page full of focused content, photos, videos, links etc. . The majority of the keyphrases are centered around one topic "content creation services". But no matter what ...
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Is there any evidence that Google randomizes the SERP results for equivalent domains?

I realize that there's been a lot of apparent Google fluctuations over the past few months. However, to me, it looks as though Google might be randomly ordering positions 3-10 in my particular niche ...
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Ranking effect on changing website topic and language suddenly

My website language is Bengali and my topic is technology updates, tips and tricks. I want to change my topic to Android and Web Development. The language will be English. Will it cause problem to ...
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Google caching wrong content for top ranking URL causing rankings to drop 12 pages

When I use '' Google is showing the homepage '' as the URL for the cached content. If I Google search '' it returns a result for the ...
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My site's performance decreased after the Penguin 4.0 and Possum updates, is there something specific I should look at?

Lately I have been monitoring my site's performance, especially now that the Penguin 4.0 and Possum local algorithm updates have been rolled out. The site has a new design and it went live around ...
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10 ranking places of difference between Safari@MacOS and Chrome@Win10

My client's site is differently ranked on MacOS and Windows. Safari@MacOS displays his site on place 7, Chrome@Win10 display him on the place 17. Both surely incognito windows. This ranking difference ...
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Effect of 301 redirecting many pages from one directory/folder to another (same domain)?

I'd like to see the effects of 301 redirecting a bunch of pages from one path to another on the same domain. Example: From:[product_id] To:[product_id] I would ...
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Rankings keep dropping from #4 - #36 then back up again?

For the last few weeks every 3 - 4 days my clients site goes from #4 on google right down to #36. Then after a few days it shoots back up to number #3 but today its back down to #36. There isn't ...
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From Adsense to another advertiser network and maintaining ranking

Currently on my site I have one adsense ad per page in async mode using code as recommended by google. Since my average income is extremely low (due to the adwords network paying nothing), I'm ready ...
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