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Save / Bookmark Google Ads Keyword Planner Search

I couldn't find anyway to save Google Keyword Planner search results. Copy pasting the url results in loss of data. I don't like to put filters everytime I use this tool. So what is the way to save a ...
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Difference between search volume values by AdWords API and Keyword Planer GUI

In short, the problem is in the title. I realized, that search volume values, delivered by querying AdWords API are different (higher) than values shown by Keyword Planer GUI of Google Ads. Language ...
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Keyword Planner Tool: How can Exact Match Keywords produce a greater volume of impressions than its Broad Match variant? Bug or misunderstanding?

Earlier, I wanted to check out how many impressions were being generated for the keyword 'Canvas Prints', for SEO purposes. Here are my findings: Exact Match > Broad Match and Phrase Match? I am a ...
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How can I quickly detect irrelevant Keywords suggested by Google Keyword Planner?

Even if I provide focused seeds to Google Keyword Planner, it usually returns some irrelevant keywords. I want to quickly detect and remove them. Do I have to check every suggested keyword? Sometimes ...
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Use Google keyword planner inside Google AdWords, without creating ads?

I want to use google keyword planner to check the keyword strength and reach, other details. So I decided to use Google keyword planner. I created an account in Google AdWords, but it is asking for ...
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Which data is correct Google Trends or Google Keyword Planner Tool?

I have searched for a keyword "MLM" in Google Trends (location - Benin) which shows me there is some rising searches about this term but when I search this keyword in Google Keyword Planner Tools with ...
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How can i get google search query list based on location?

I am looking to get queries searched on google from a particular location is it possible to access those search queries, and what are the searches happening in an area
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Weird difference in Average Monthly Searches for google keyword planner

In this image: When I search keyword "lawyers in japan" it says in the blue bars that it had 3,310 Average monthly searches in June as you can see in the mid right section. Then in the section in ...
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Having trouble with subdomain keywords being associated with my website

My company sells ecommerce platforms in a SaaS fashion. We used to assign subdomains to the stores using our own domain, like,, etc. We did this for ...
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Google Keyword planner says 'keywords don't have any searches'

I am working on an SEO optimized page for a certain main keyword consist of 4-5 keywords. When I search on Google, it returns 20K results. On Google Key planner it says no search was found against ...
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Block search engine from indexing Currency Words as content keywords [duplicate]

I have one website with currency converter on it and Google WMT is considering the currency words as Content keywords. Is there anyway to block search engine from indexing this Currency Words like "...
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How do I find the most popular search terms by browser?

How do I find the most popular search terms categorized by browser? I tried, but it doesn't let you filter by browser.
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What are "search volume trends" in AdWords?

There was a change in Google Keyword Planner that added a "search volume trends" graph. How is it calculated? The keyword "keyword1" has 800 average monthly searches while the search volume trends ...
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Is there a way to find out the search keywords in YouTube with Google's Keyword Planner?

Google's Keyword Planner tool enable you to find out the popularity for any key words searched in Google. I want to know if Google's Keyword Planner tool or any other tool enable to find out the ...
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Does AdWords have search volume for advanced operators like minus?

I am seeing some weird words in the keyword planner like the following: lingerie -ebay with lots of search volume. In search that would mean "show me results for lingerie but exclude ebay". However ...
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What is the definition of "Avergage Monthly Searches" in Keyword Planner

Is the number represented in Average Monthly Searches the number of searches for that specific keyword and the maximum amount of possible clicks to my site? It seems the answer is obviously yes, but ...
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Accuracy of Google AdWords Keyword Tool, compared to Google Trends

Does anyone have any insight into how accurate Google Keyword Tool is? The reason why I ask is because I have found a keywords phrase using Google Keyword Tool that has 83,100,000 local monthly ...
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Global monthly searches versus results

I compiled a report with global monthly searches last week for my boss, regarding SEO (this is from Google AdWords). He, however, seems to want a report of the results for a specific keyword - is ...
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