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My Job Postings Are In Google For Jobs But Not Showing In GSC Job Postings Report

While the majority of the listings published on our website are present on Google For Jobs, only 19 listings are visible in the Job Postings section of Google Search Console. Additionally, in the ...
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Why Our Jobs are not showing in Google For Jobs

Would you please let us know the reason why our jobs are not found in Google For Jobs? This issue started from 8-Jun 2022 and still not found our jobs in Google For Jobs. Can somebody help us to solve ...
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Google Jobs. Issue when clicking on the preview in Google Job Rich result test

Recently I have submitted a sitemap with about 30K URLs in it for jobs. Followed the documentation google is providing and now I can see that the sitemap is successfully submitted and in google search ...
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Should a job listing site use structured data in a country which Google Jobs doesn't cover?

Firstly, I suspect ‘Google for Jobs’ may be the incorrect term, is it called 'Google Jobs' now? I'm in Europe, Ireland to be precise. We don't have ‘Google for Jobs’ here, and I read that we may not ...
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