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Allowing users to purchase multiple products at a time using Google checkout

Customers currently can't purchase more than 1 product at a time with Google Checkout. For example, a customer wants to purchase 5 of the same product; the quantity will pass to Google Checkout page, ...
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Web hosted payment form service recommendation, for card processing

I'm accepting credit cards on my website, using PayPal's "hosted" solution (an IFRAME that collects the credit card information, PayPal calls this "PayFlow"). I chose PayPal because they were a brand ...
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Open source package that SUPPORTS all 3 major checkouts out of the box

Can you recommend an open source package that supports all 3 major checkouts out of the box? By 3 major checkouts I mean: PayPal Express Amazon Payments Google Checkout Zen-Cart, for example, is ...
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What is the best kind of checkout system for a website?

I have worked with quite a few checkout systems and eCommerce platforms. Are there certain kinds of interfaces that convert sales better than others? For me there are really only two questions: SSL ...
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What are some options for taking payments on my website?

If I wanted to take payments on my website, what options would be available to me?