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How can I tell if a site was penalized by Google's Page Experience update? If it was, how can I fix it?

I have a site that was doing well until around July (2021). Since then, I've seen target keyword rankings dropped from the 1st and 2nd page, organic traffic has decreased significantly. I know that in ...
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Does localised content between two cities in the same country cause duplicate content issues for search engines?

I realize this question is very similar to many questions already asked, but please bear with me as I haven't been able to find any answers that apply to my situation specifically. Basically I'm ...
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Would a WhatsApp chat popup affect rankings?

One of my new websites is now ranking on the 1st page. If I put a WhatsApp chat popup on the website, would it affect the rankings? Do Google algorithms consider that chat as lead generation and ...
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01-Aug-2018 August Google Algorithm Update (Medic)

Is there anyway to first check for the market categorisation and second to correct the categorisation with Google? Our site was affected, lower organic traffic, after the August "broad core algorithm ...
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Should the website migration be postponed to after Google major algorithm updates?

For the major updates in Google algorithm like the recent one for medical websites, Is it better to postpone the website migration to after update launch or to speed it up to do the migration before ...
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What is the effect of Google new algorithm for health related websites on ranking? [closed]

My client has a dental services website and they did a website migration recently. They have lost ranking from 1st to lost for so many keywords. Now the web agency mentions the new google algorithm ...
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3 votes
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International SEO for Same URL

I am having multiple variants of my website for different countries. According to the country(detected from IP address of the user), we were displaying the different content to the users. The same ...
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Which algorithms are applied from Google Search until now 2016 year? [closed]

So far we know that are announced Penguin and Panda as algorithms which had impact over the ranking on Google search engine. What are the other algorithms that are applied so far until today June ...
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Page Rank Not Working on my website [duplicate]

This is my website: I have scanned it by the website valuation tool. My website is 2.9 years old (this is what that tool shows, and that's the truth) but unfortunately every tool shows that ...
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Do NAP citations work the same way for local as links work in normal search?

A lot is written about local ranking factors in Google. One of the prevailing arguments is that local search is heavily influenced by the number and quality of NAP (name, address, phone) citations ...
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Google Pagerank (PR) History and Next Upcoming Updates [closed]

As you may know Google updates PageRank roughly 4 times a year, out of interest and not for ranking purposes I often check when the next incoming update is. I do this by searching various sites and ...
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2 answers

Does Google's algorithm look at a websites nameserver?

This might seem like a strange question but does Google's ranking algorithm look at what nameserver a website uses. For example, if it uses an enterprise dns provider does it rank higher? I appear to ...
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