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Custom Dimensions with Goal Conversation Rate

I have following flow for one of my booking module. Select Store -> Fill Appointment Form -> Appointment Confirmation I have created Goals for this which is working perfectly. Here I want report ...
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Multiple URL's in Google Analytics Goals Funnel Step

Have a landing page with 3 packages: 1 of the product, 3 of the product, 6 of the product, each option has their own checkout URL but all will have /thank-you in the URL once purchased. So they all ...
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Google Analytics Regular Expressions Goals with Fragmented Urls

I follow the suggestions of this post: Setting up funnel URLs with regular expressions and in my sample works correctly: The url in question would be like: /cashier\/deposit\/...
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My Google Analytics funnel has many entrances and exits in later stages. Why is that?

I built a conversion funnel in google analytics. In the result I see many entrances and exits in late stages, even though in my site it is almost impossible to get to a later stage without going ...
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Why are the converted clicks totals different between Locations and Keywords in Google Analytics?

Here is my case: Under "Campaign → Keywords", the total converted clicks (search + display network) is 3. Under "Settings → Locations", the total converted clicks is 2. Why are the two values ...
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Google Analytics: how to build a Goal which has several events

I want to set up a Goal that consist in tracking 3 events: first, when the user clicks in a button. After this, when the user fills out into an input box, and finally another click in other button. I ...
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custom goals in google analytics with exceptions

Im trying to setup a goal in google analytics that will track the following : any visit to the /contact page would be classed as a goal any visit to the /contact page, but if a user clicks a ...
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