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Questions tagged [ftp]

FTP is the File Transfer Protocol. The protocol is commonly used along side an FTP client for uploading and downloading files.

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FTP Accounts Created Automatically?

I am new here, but I am experiencing something that seems to be quite unique. I did research online and could not find an answer to this. So I created this post to see if I can get some clarity. As ...
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Filezilla 227 Entering Passive Mode

I started to transfer some plugin files to my server via Filezilla. After a while I'm getting following error from my server. Command: PASV Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (185,22,186,185,...
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Hosting provider's cPanel expired and we can't upload or download files

My client's hosting provider's cPanel licence has either expired or number of users have exceeded limit. Now although my client has valid login credentials, he is unable to actually access the panel ...
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Change product images WooCommerce (jpeg > webp.) the right way?

I'm working on converting product images from .jpeg to webp, I want to do this without a plugin, but preferably within the functions of WooCommerce. I exported the products as a .csv file and adjusted ...
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Installed Opencart theme not showing?

I've installed a few free opencart themes for testing before I pay for any themes. Only 1 worked successfully, ie, when I enable it, my website changes. However, none of the 3 themes I installed ...
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Set permissions for files uploaded to Apache's web directory via FTP on the Rapsberry Pi

I just set up an Apache web server on my Raspberry Pi, along with MySQL and PHP5. To upload files I set up vsftpd. The ftp connection sent me to my pi user home directory, instead of /var/www. So ...
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FileZilla issue connecting with godaddy ftp server

I have a hosting service with Godaddy and want to connect to FTP to transfer files. I am using filezilla client to transfer stuff. However I am having problem that sometimes it connects just fine, ...
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Fix ftp connection issues on hosting

I set up WordPress site at 000webhost(dot)com as pre-step to figure things out before paying for domain and hosting. It was fine for few days. Problem is that i can't seem to find reliable way to ...
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Installing AWStats?

Recently I have been getting fed up with Google Analytics, as it is missing a lot of information, whether it not being there to begin with, or getting anonymous data (such as browser used). I have ...
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