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2 answers

Would it be valid to use frames for an inhouse tool with a static list on the left that triggers content on the right?

I'm replacing the interface of an old Visual FoxPro system my company has been using for the past 15 years. If there's one thing that users have been complaining about is that it is tedious. So ease ...
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2 answers

SEO techniques to handle frames

I have a webpage which has a topbar spanning across the top and then the content in a frame below. The content is on a different subdomain (i.e. the page is at but the content frame at ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can Google index pages that use framesets generated by javascript (document.write)?

I was tasked to check on why Google can't seem to index a client site properly. The site uses a framework given by client's parent company (so we can't use other framework). The framework use ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Google Analytics and framesets

I have a simple web page hosted in an EC2 machine, using nginx. Let's say my web page is reachable by: http://<my_ec2_machine_static_ip>/my_web_page I've put a Google Analytics tracking code ...
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Simple Frameset Website vs Complex AJAX Website?

I should preface this with the statement that I do understand that HTML Framesets are on their way out, and that they have all sorts of SEO/accessibility concerns. That being said, I've been ...
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How to I remove auto generated frameset in IIS?

I have a website where a redirect has been setup to use a frameset. For example, my main website is x-site.example. There is a redirect setup somewhere so that xsite.example redirects to x-site....
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Easiest way to include content from another site without using frames?

I want to setup a page for an upcoming project on my site. The problem is, this site doesn't have a lot of bandwidth. So I'm thinking to put the real data on the Amazon cloud, and use my site as just ...
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1 answer

How to redirect domain to server's ip address (problem with <frameset> from namechap Mask) [closed]

I have made a little website hosted on a server on a public network. So I've got a domain on namecheap to reach it easily, problem is that if I mask it to render it within a frame, and this doesn't ...
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