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A font is an electronic data file containing a set of glyphs, characters, or symbols such as dingbats. Although the term font first referred to a set of metal type sorts in one style and size, since the 1990s most fonts are digital, used on computers.

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Preload webfonts with format/url variants?

PageSpeed Insights complains that I should preload important assets, which I already do for CSS (http header Link: </assets/css/myfile.css>; rel=preload; as=style). However, the complaints are ...
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How can I measure the impact of using Math Sans Bold font to get bold titles in Google Search results?

While browsing around, realized that you can use bold or some other font for the title to be presented as a search result on Google. Have anyone tried this yet? Do you know what is the right way to ...
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Wordpress icon fonts dont work with www url

I have wordpress site with domain and on one site i use font icons. The problem is when I change in settings Address site (URL) on Sites works properly, I seu www in URL but ...
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What do I need to know about proprietary fonts?

I'm a contract web developer, and I'm working for someone who has a view to create his own web development consultancy. For the project we're currently working on - the graphic designer has provided a ...
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Why can I use Google web fonts in CSS without an Internet connection or them being installed locally on my computer?

I used a Google font for my website, which isn't stored locally on my computer. When I refresh the page, nothing goes wrong and the font is working fine. However, when I disconnect my Internet ...
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browsers do not render cyrillic shapes of Source Sans Pro

Recently my company made a fork for a site theme which uses Adobe Source sans Pro as its default font. We need to use cyrillic as well as latin font shapes on our site. For some reason my browsers (...