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Software develpment Kit (SDK) to develop rich Internet applications (RIA) based on the Adobe Flash platform.

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CSS Flex Order, What Does Googe Use?

If I have a page with four rows of content in the HTML ordered as: Topic C Topic A Topic B Topic D Then using CSS I reorder them into ABCD for desktop and DABC for mobile, which row will Google use ...
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Adobe Flex website

Is it legal to develop a money making website using Adobe Flex( Flex IDE is free for download)? Also, Is it legal to develop Flex website for customers/clients fot money?
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SEO techniques for a complete Flex Website

I am planning to build a website completely in Flex. All the contents will be static. No DB will be used. Unfortunately I am not building the website for PUMA or NIKE and so SEO is important. There is ...
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Updating to Flex 4, need advice

Our users are older salespeople, most of whom don't understand the concept of a plugin, so telling them to update their flash player is not an option (I have tried in the past). However, updating our ...
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