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Adobe Flash is a cross-platform multimedia runtime used to embed animations, video, and interactive applications into web pages.

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Is it safe to delete crossdomain.xml now that Flash is no longer supported

A website I have contributed to has a crossdomain.xml file live. Through my personal Googling it seems that this file is related exclusively related to cross domain permissions for Adobe Flash. As ...
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Is a Video Sitemap feasible when the video is SWF and the other is a fallback copy in MP4?

I want to create a Google-friendly Video Sitemap (details here) for pages on my website that feature cartoon animations. The problem is, the video files are in two formats - SWF and MP4. I'm using the ...
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Can we control whether Flash passes a referrer or not when it fetches video content?

I have noticed that in Firefox when playing a mp4/flv file via a swf player, A referrer is not sent from the swf player. However if we switch over to Chrome, a referrer is sent. With this being said, ...
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How to identify the flash on site

I've inherited a large Wordpress site and we still have some Flash on our site. Browsing on Firefox shows the insecure content icon and asks if I want to run an outdated version of flash so I know it'...
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