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Are (non-escaped) URL fragments bad for SEO?

I have a product search page with a search filter with a fair number of different options. Each time the user changes the filter, the search results are updated in-place by JavaScript, and the URL is ...
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Google Analytics include hostnames beyond character limit

In an effort to prevent ghost spam, I am trying to filter traffic by hostname in Google Analytics. I have found several hostnames that appear legitimate, and now the length of these hostnames in regex ...
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Recommend Method for Showing Filtered Data?

Let's say you're displaying a list of products and you can filter the products by different attributes. The filtering is purely front end. Is it recommended to put all the products in the HTML and use ...
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How to setup cPanels Global Email Filters to filter multiple rules for one e-mail address?

I'm using cPanel 106.0 (build 11) on a Linux server with x86_64 architecture, Apache 2.4.54 and PHP 8.1.13. I'm using the Global Email Filters feature to filter e-mails. I want to create a filter that ...
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How do we avoid having our website being categorized by Fortiguard as phishing?

Fortiguard web filtering changes the category of our website from Information Technology to Phishing for no apparent reason. When it is categorized as Phishing, it gets blocked by Fortiguard. ...
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Why does Google Optimize experiment segment show error message while trying to access behaviour flow?

I have a simple question whenever I try accessing behaviour flow with an Experiment ID with variant segment it gives me this error message - This segment contains constraints that cannot be applied to ...
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Best SEO URL Structure : Filter product list by multiple tags

Which url is better for SEO (google)? separate tags like sub folders with slash "/": 1) separate with characters plus "+" underscore "_" ...
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How can I filter social traffic under Social in Google Analytics channels report?

In Google Analytics, under Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels report traffic from facebook and one referral page is grouped. How can I send this traffic under Social and Referral? Here's an example ...
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Setting a US country filter in Google Analytics gives an error that the filter won't change the data

I have created a filter in Analytics to include only the details of traffic from United States. Please correct me if I am doing wrong, Because on verifying the filter it throws me this error: ...
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How to exclude self linking pageviews

The situation I'm having is that if you are on the home page '/' and you click on the 'Home' link or the logo (which takes you to 'Home'), it counts as a pageview. How would I go around excluding this ...
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How to compare pageviews in a conten group versus certain event happens in that pages using Google Analytics?

I have a custom search page in my website that uses several input forms. I added an event ga('send', 'event', 'Product', 'click') whenever a user clicks on the product link in the search result list. ...
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Is there a way to filter by sessions in Google Analytics custom dashboard?

I'm trying to configure a widget to get pageviews/session and conversion rates by browser. Unfortunately, it's ordered by pageviews. Thus, I end up with unrelevant data because some browsers have high ...
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cPanel & WHM - cPanel - Email - Email Filters - File Location?

So what I am doing is managing several dozen email accounts on the back end putting filters on the accounts to keep some "persistent you really did sign up for our newsletters but you can't ...
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