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Change default index.html page of a subdomain in directadmin

When I create a new subdomain in direct admin panel it gets a default placeholder page saying something between the lines "welcome, the page is under construction" or whatever. I've looked online ...
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Are the advantages to uploading files in a form one at a time rather than all when the form is submitted?

I have a form in my application where user can drop some files (images, csv, or other file types.) My current flow is: User drops the file I read the File and show an preview User Submit the form I ...
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Apache FilesMatch to deny access to all ".config" files is working except for web.config

In my apache server I don't want to serve any files with extensions .config because it could contain potentially sensitive information. In my apache2.conf file I added: <FilesMatch "\.config"> ...
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How to offer high quality image downloads without making google upset

My website consists of thousands of photos online that people can see. The photographer creates the photos using the highest quality settings possible and then uploads them. Then my php scripts use ...
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