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Questions tagged [file-upload]

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0 answers

Upload PDF to Google site

I have created a Google site with my custom domain ( How I can add a PDF file without having to uploaded to Google drive. I want to have a link with my PDF like:
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IIS 10 and PHP 7.3 cant upload 4M file in one POST request

I have changed the maxfile size in the php.ini settings, but i do not know how to change it in the IIS 10 config. My hphinfo: I am getting the error 1 in the $_FILE array (which as I understand ...
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1 vote
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html file fails once loaded [closed]

I'm encountering an error that i can't figure out. I have some html files that I open perfectly withthe browser (falkon) on my pc. But, once i upload them to the website, they give me Internl Server ...
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How to Bulk Submission of Organized Data [closed]

I'm assessing the options for users to submit a significant amount of data to a web solution I'm writing. I can write the validations and proper input of the received data, so I'm going to pass ...
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how can file content affect whether its uploading gets a 403 error

I use ajax (POST) in javascript to send text data to be saved as a file on the server by a php program (which simply does an fopen, fwrite and fclose). This generally works OK. However recently I ...
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Microsoft Edge browser not correctly filtering PDF files in upload file dialog with Contact Form 7

I am using a Contact Form 7 which allows you to attach a PDF file to the message: Chrome correctly shows a filter: Firefox correctly shows a ...
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