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Where are API keys stored in cPanel file manager? [closed]

I recently bought a script. Where would I go to change an API key in file manager? Is there a specific area I am supposed to navigate to for finding API keys? I'm sorry that I feel I'm being unclear ...
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Noob question - regarding images on webserver not loading when URL is typed, but do when clicked from link on index html

I have dabbled with html in the past and to a very small degree some CSS. All i am trying to do at this moment is have a website/webserver which stores one image. (The image will be retrieved by an ...
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How to save the HTML of a website [closed]

I'm curious, how do you save a webpage that you know will be taken down in the near future? Is there a way to cache the webpage that is being served to you, or should I copy and paste all the involved ...
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Can I upgrade my cPanel or File Manager on Shared Hosting?

I'm using hostgator shared hosting which uses cPanel. The version of cPanel is very old and so is both the file manager and wysiwyg editor. I would like to upgrade them. How can I upgrade them to new ...
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Domain not directing to index.html [closed]

I have just completed an FTP upgrade of my whole site. However, it is not working, when you type is, then you get a splashpage from my shared hosting, as though there is nothing on ...
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How to find all files by a certain modified date in cpanel?

Let's say you have been hacked and you found one file and now have an estimated time of what files to look for to clean the site. This is quite a mission on a large site. Is there any way or tools ...
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"Coming Soon" HTML page not displaying

Disclosure: I have very little knowledge of webmastering. I have a simple HTML page as a placeholder on my website (index.html). I've uploaded it to the website root and created the .htaccess file to ...
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Can WordPress sites be updated with a CVS from local to live?

I regularly use the theme editor or FTP live files onto my local server (and load them into Visual Studio), but this can be time consuming when I need to debug many files. Is there a more efficient ...
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Creating pages or using single page design? [closed]

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask this... Please redirect me to correct location if needed. I'm creating a support page for my website, and I was wondering how most websites such as ...
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Not allowed to upload .HTML files to my own DNN Site: Is it normal?

My Question: Our webhost provider wont make it so we can upload .html files to our DNN site trhough the DNN File Manager page. Is that normal, should I push them to allow me to do this? We have ...
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Decent FREE Web Based FTP Alternatives?

Like the subject mentions, I'm looking for a free FTP Alternative that's web based. What I need is the ability to grant people like our marketing team the ability to upload marketing images and ...
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2 answers

Open Source PHP based secure file download script? [closed]

I need a self hosted solution where I as the admin can create client areas (which can be simple folders) where I upload files and secure them with username / pass. A client page will then be ...
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How can I tell whether a given file is being used on my site?

I'm administering a site that uses a CMS, and the only access I have to the filesystem is through ajaxplorer. I'd like to remove pictures, documents, etc. that aren't being used or linked to. Is there ...
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Hosting files with support for file tagging / keywords

I have a large (approx. 25GB) collection of files I would like to host online for people to view or download. I have a spare computer I can use as a dedicated server for these files. I'm looking for ...
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Download images and other documents from external websites

We're running a website which enables users to download documents about our company, such as: -wallpapers with the company logo. -company logos in various flavours. -media kits in pdf format. Since ...
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Optimal synchronization tool

Mostly I edit the files on my local server and then upload them to the remote server, but for small changes or for things that can only be tested on the remote computer, I'll edit the remote file ...
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Which tool can change file permissions recursively

I need to change file and folder permission on remote linux web server recursively. For fast uploading i zipped my files and uploaded that zip file. Later on i extracted zip file using file manager ...
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How to grep (or find) on cPanel?

How can I search for a specific string (function name or a variable name) in my files which are in various directories under cPanel file manager? I have been using a library directory and functions ...
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PHP-based self-hosted file drop software?

Does anyone know of any open source (or priced for SMB) self-hosted alternatives to services like DropSend, YouSendIt, etc? I'd like something that auto-removes files after a set period of time, ...
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microsoft ftp update remote file date

Is there a way to change the file date throw ftp connection on remote server? as the file is uploaded it sets create date to the date it was uploaded, and i want the file to keep its original date ...
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What file manager/uploader do you use with your embeded wysiwyg editor?

I am looking for a wysiwyg editor to allow user to edit part of their website. I already worked with TinyMCE, and heard about CKEditor, which both look great. However, they both lack a free (PHP) file ...
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Permissions for serving up temporary files

I have a system (web based application) which pulls file attachments from a 3rd party system via SOAP. These are in turn on our system created as files in a directory. When a user of the system (...
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