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Changing the RSS and Dynamic Views layout when using Blogger as a Podcast index

I'm trying to set up a podcast service at present. This is just a 'spare time' task - so I wanted a quick, easy way to do it. To get this working: I've ripped (with owner permission) some YouTube ...
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Feedburner is Displaying an Inactive Email Address When Logged In

I have set up a Feedburner subscription through my Google account login. For some reason Feedburner displays an old inactive email address in the top right when logged into Feedburner. I'm concerned ...
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Why did my Feedburner feedcount reset to zero and how can I restore it?

I am using Google Feedburner for feed management of my Wordpress site. I have around 6000 subscribers and have used its widget to display the count. Couple of days back suddenly, the feed count ...
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Google analytics reporting link as campaign instead of referral

There are several websites which link to my blog posts but are using links from feedburner (similar too ) so when someone visits these links it ...
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Moving Feedburner to a new domain

I have a Wordpress blog (running Feedsmith plugin) that uses Feedburner for email and RSS subscribers. Currently this blog is located at I will be moving this Wordpress blog ...
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Free customizable rss feed newsletter service [closed]

I'm desperately searching for a newsletter system for my association. We have a site from which to fetch the news and I want them to be sent regularly to the people who subscribe. I would like to get ...
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Migrating the source of a FeedBurner podcast feed from one WordPress to another

I'm using FeedBurner as the public-facing feed for the Ask Different Podcast. Recently Stack Exchange has set up a Blog Overflow blog for Ask Different, and I'd like to move the source of the ...
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How do I view ALL blog posts in an RSS feed?

I have a blog and its posts date back all the way to March of 2009. However, when I visit my feed url (it's feedburner), the oldest post that shows up on that page is one written in February of 2011. ...
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Is using feedburner still a must for blog feeds?

I'm setting up a blog for my OSS/startup and I'm wondering whether using Feedburner for blog feeds is still the recommended way to go? Is there enough value in using Feedburner over just using the ...
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