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How do I configure the available memory in my PHP-FPM pools?

I have 20 GB available for PHP-FPM on my server, the average consumption of my PHP-FPM pools is 55 MB. I want to create a www.conf for the site and a www2.conf for routines that run during the day. I ...
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Getting 500 error on 13 pages, All Cgi? [closed]

Google Search Console is giving me 500 errors on 13 cgi pages. I'm not sure how to fix. I am using wordpress to design my site. I have opened the error log but I have no idea how to fix. Some of these ...
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cgi problem command line ok but 403 on website

I am running on Debian 9 strech, hello.cgi on command line perl -cTw hello.cgi all is fine When i try to navigate to the subdirectory I get an error 403. I add some lines to apache2.conf to ...
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PHP randomly cannot load classes, causes FastCGI process to crash, and loads normally

I manage the website for the small company I work for, but I’m not an experienced server admin – I just kind of took over as the default IT guy because I knew more than the others. Generally speaking, ...
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Editing Nginx FastCGI Buffer Sizes Caused PHP Files to Download Via Browser

This question is sort of a post-mortem for an issue we had with a dv hosted by Media Temple. We had been experiencing random issues with our webserver (nginx running as reverse proxy on top of apache) ...
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500 error from Mediawiki for first request after an idle period: Premature end of script headers

So I've got a Mediawiki on a subdomain, and until fairly recently everything was fine (if occasionally a little slow). A few weeks ago we started occasionally getting 500 Internal Server errors. ...
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