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Add Expires headers to Azure Hosted wordpress

Using Azure Hosted WordPress, I was doing some performance testing for my website via gtmetrix. My reports were suggesting to ‘leverage browser caching’ and ‘add expires headers’ to improve my ...
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Why do SSL certificates expire?

Why do SSL certificates usually expire after a certain given period of time?Can't it really be a thing of once applied and verified, then it should be a lifetime venture?
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1 answer

When does a .com domain become available after it expires? (With status clientTransferProhibited) [duplicate]

the domain I want is taken and according to ICANN it expires on 2021-01-05. The only status it has is "clientTransferProhibited". I am not sure how to interpret this domain status... Does ...
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Would changing the expiry header for `analytics.js` from Google Analytics mess things up?

I'm using GTMetrix to help figure ways to speed up my page load times. One of the suggestions is to Leverage Browser Caching, which indicates wanting resources to expire 1 week or longer. One of the ...
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How can I check the certificate validity of an email server?

I have this problem continuously. Thunderbird works fine, using POP and SMTP Crazy Domains changes something on the shared server Thunderbird stops fetching email I complain and provide the ...
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Registry Expiry Date

I'm fairly new to dealing with domain names and I have a question that's been puzzling me. Upon checking the WHOIS information for my domain, I came across two distinct expiration dates: Registry ...
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When will I be able to buy this domain? (pendingDelete, serverHold & redemptionPeriod)

A domain that I want has all of these 3 "Domain Status" set. Domain Status: pendingDelete Domain Status: serverHold Domain Status: ...
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