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Google Analytics: Exit page report differs from conversions

I have an issue determining my checkout pages exit percentage. Looking at the site's database event information for a single day I am given the following information: Entered checkout - 306 ...
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Google Analytics showing broken landing and exit pages related to my YouTube channel

I am trying to understand why Google Analytics is showing me landing and exit pages from my site which are the same, and broken. I don't understand how users are coming to these pages that seem to ...
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Does Google Analytics consider a transition from one website to be an exit? [closed]

Consider an example where I am browsing through There I saw a medium blog shared by my friend and I click on it to open. Now since Facebook opens that on a new tab, we technically didn't ...
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Whats a typical exit rate?

I am currently looking at our on-site analytics, focusing mainly on exit rates to try and work out where we can do better in terms of targeting, pricing, range etc. However I am still trying to get ...
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What is the correlation between Drop Off, Exits, and Bounces?

I am running through my analytics and noticed that my drop off in the behavior chart is always 100%. Which does not necessarily surprise me except neither bounce rate, or % Exits are 100%. I ...
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Use Google Analytics to figure out which events happen just before visitor exit

I am trying to track what a visitor does immediately prior to exiting our website. Specifically I have a number of events that are being logged and I would like to know which one, if any, happened ...
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