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Questions tagged [eu-cookie-law]

The EU cookie law is a peculiar law that applies to any website serving to visitors in the EU. Visitors first have to give consent to store cookies.

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Customizing Google AdSense "Privacy and Cookie Settings" popup

I am using Google AdSense's default GDPR consent message. Yet after clicking the consent button, users get this annoying permanent popup on the left bottom corner: Is it possible to move this div to ...
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How to disable cookies on my weebly website?

I have a website built with Weebly. It is just a simple static webpage. It seems to me that this kind of site doesn't require any kind of cookie, since there is no user log-in, no preference to be set,...
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How do I resolve the "IAB TC string" warning in AdSense for EU users?

I recently saw a warning in my Adsense dashboard: We've detected an issue on your IAB TC string on one or more of your sites or apps. These errors may affect your ability to serve ads to European ...
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Possible to legally display ads without consent from EU users?

The EU cookie law, I believe, requires the consent of EU user to place cookies. The ads that I know of on the website uses cookies. Is possible to legally display ads on website without consent from ...
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What requirements exist for a consent-free site?

What are requirements for a consent-free website? One said to me, just cookie-free isn't enough...
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Has the ruling in the EU regarding cookies changed to include the "only necessary" choice?

When the EU first introduced the cookie notifications, I seem to recall that web sites did pop up such notifications, but the options to disable data collection were often pretty hidden; the defaults ...
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Ads receiving clicks, but not actual traffic (phantom clicks from multiple ad platforms)

I am not receiving ad traffic from Facebook ads, Google Search ads, or Reddit ads to my website any more, despite receiving clicks on my ads across all these platforms. This is according to multiple ...
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Google Analytics cookies _ga and _gid still appearing in Chrome after installing a GDPR consent plugin in WordPress

Trying to get my Wordpress blog into GDPR compliance. I've got most of my cookies under control with a consent plugin (Cookie Notice) but I'm concerned about Google Analytics cookies _ga and _gid, ...
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