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What is the correct response to Googlebot for a search_term_string from site search markup with _escaped_fragment?

I have a AJAX web online-shop with hashbang URL and added SiteLinks as JSON-LD. I follow this introduction. { "@context":"", "@type":"WebSite", "url":"https://...
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If “_escaped_fragment_” shows up in Search Console URL Parameters, should you “Let Googlebot decide”?

As far as we know, there should be no links to our site anywhere that include the _escaped_fragment_ parameter used for fetching HTML snapshot versions of our JavaScript-heavy pages. We use the ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Where do Google get canonical links of a one-page site?

With my miserable JS knowledge I understand that the page originally has a line like this: and then href parameter is changed via JS. Both SF and Deepcrawl are not able to see that change. Thus, all ...
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Are (non-escaped) URL fragments bad for SEO?

I have a product search page with a search filter with a fair number of different options. Each time the user changes the filter, the search results are updated in-place by JavaScript, and the URL is ...
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2 answers

"Fetch as Google" doesn't find the HTML snapshot for my AJAX content

For my webpage I generate the content via JavaScript, so I want to use ?_escaped_fragment_ to redirect Google to my HTML snapshot. I have a RewriteRule for my Apache RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{...
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Is creating Ajax Google Snapshot with less content than original page considered cloaking?

I've read a few posts about Google AJAX snapshot creation and I'm still asking myself a few questions: I have a full AJAX web site with really a lot of pages which differ from one to the other with a ...
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