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How to serve unique error pages for each subdirectory using Nginx?

I have a directory where are many Jekyll sites with their own themes, etc. I want to serve unique error pages for each Jekyll site. In each directory there are such files: # ls /var/www/pages/ site1 ...
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add error code to normal page?

Is it possible to add, for example error code 404, to a completely normal page, so visitors (bots and crawlers) register the page as "not found" (or other error codes)
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2 votes
1 answer

Apache htaccess detects disallowed method but does not return error page

I am trying to see if a custom error page can be sent to the browser when an invalid method is sent to the server. In my .htaccess is this: ErrorDocument 400 /errpages/httperror.php ErrorDocument 401 /...
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406 Status Code

My website is opening very well but in the Moz tool, it is showing that my all webpages have a status code 406. The web address is: How to solve the issue?
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Help! Bad Code showing on the top of my Website [closed]

The code "*/" is showing at the top of my website. I can't locate where this is coming from and would love to see if someone can assist!
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Is HTTP code 401 or 403 appropriate for when a logged in user is not allowed to view the data?

I am looking for a good way to return an error when an unauthenticated/unauthorised user is trying to get a restricted access content from my site. Currently I ask the user to login, check the ...
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2 answers

Error 500 on new sub-domain

I have just uploaded a site on a sub-domain, In fact on the 3rd Sub-domain. All the 4 site ( 1 Main, and the 3 on SUB) are completely separate from each other. Now, the site was developed Offline/...
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404 - Page not found error while using Google's Instant Preview in Webmaster Tools [closed]

While I was comparing my website's live page with Google's Instant Preview of a page in Google Webmaster Tools, I got a 404 - Page not found error. What are the possible reasons for this?
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4 votes
3 answers

What does the Chrome error code (6) in "appcache fetch failed" indicate?

I am developing a website that uses the html cache manifest (AppCache). I often see the following line in Chrome's console: Application Cache Error event: Manifest fetch failed (6) https://192.168.0....
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