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How to enable autoplay of a YouTube video in Blogger?

I am currently running a blog and trying to put an autoplay YouTube video on a post. I am using the code: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="
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Can I remove YouTube recommendations on full screen display of embedded video?

When loading a YouTube video full screen via the following arguments: It unfortunately ...
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Having embedded video from other sites in my video sitemap increases the ranking of the sites I am embedding from?

I have a website and I am embedding videos from site in my website and providing additional content like a review or anything else. By creating a video sitemap of my site for ...
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Embedding video in email - possible?

Is it possible to embed video into an email that will allow the viewer to watch the video within the email itself in a consistent and cross platform compatible manner?
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Need an embeddable live polling tool [closed]

We need a live polling tool that can be embedded on a Web page. The key factor is that the polls can be published on demand by a moderator (i.e. the moderator clicks "Publish" or "Go" and the poll is ...
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The YouTube of Sound

My current website includes some embedded YouTube (and Facebook) videos and I know there are numerous other video hosting websites. Is there a free hosting service specifically for audio files, for ...
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What options are out there for an embeddable WYSIWIG text editor?

I'm thinking something along the lines of TinyMCE Please include a list of features. Examples include: supports text formatting supports links supports images syntax types (markdown/wiki/etc) ...