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Questions tagged [domain-transfer]

Transferring domains to another registrar, host, DNS provider, or party. Please do not include the 'transfer' tag since that's already implied.

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How are GoDaddy DNS settings manually configured?

What are the mechanical or technical steps to use GoDaddy strictly for domain registration for a dormant domain? At present, not looking for hosting. E-mail service is preferred, I'm currently using ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Offered equivalent .com domain to purchase, what is going on, and how to proceed?

A quick bit of background: I run a small (single person) software company, and operate under a domain that I have had for around 8 years. There has always been a .com domain of the same name, ...
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1 vote
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User redirection not working with GoDaddy domain

I have a server (say server.js) which (at some point) should redirect the user to like so: => The problem I am facing is ...
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Does a domain sale share the owner’s contact info?

I am selling a domain online and my registrar uses privacy protection which is automatically enabled. Behind the privacy protection, I have myself listed as all 3 contacts, along with my personal ...
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Website down after doing a domain transfer

We have a domain which was hosted with a provider. We asked for a domain transfer, using the AUTH CODE, from our new provider. Now the situation is that the site is down, because the DNS do not point ...
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