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Domain Auction: bidding against myself?

I backordered a domain name that was on "Pending Delete" status, using, and All went fine, and now two of those services sent me an email telling me the domain was ...
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Is placing a backorder with GoDaddy and DomainMonster enough to avoid a public domain auction?

A domain name I want to buy currently has a status of pending delete with GoDaddy. I've placed backorders with GoDaddy and DomainMonster, but is this enough? I have googled and read a lot, but am ...
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What are the technological factors involved in backordering a domain?

I understand there are multiple lifecycle statuses that a domain goes through before it's effectively "dropped", and these may vary per tld. (
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How to backorder domain

I would like to set up an internet tool to automatically buy back domain names that have just expired. I saw on the internet that there are several steps before the final deletion. There is the grace ...
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