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Does content ordering still matter for SEO?

In the past it was encouraged to put things like navigation bars as low as possible on the DOM even if they would be displayed at the top of the page (e.g. with CSS position fixed) That way the actual ...
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Why is margin box said to be box around all other boxes? [closed]

One thing i cant understand when it comes to elements boxes is the margin box. For example mdn web docks defines it as follow : "Margin box: The margin is the outermost layer, wrapping the ...
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Where are HTML 5's Document Tree Definitions

I am looking to understand the official fundamentals of HTML document tree creation. There are numerous examples of HTML document trees on the web however I have not been able to find formal or ...
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Chrome bug: headless window not rendered (new tab in background) if outerWidth is referenced

[see updates at bottom] When I click on a to my website, it opens correctly in Google Chrome. When I command-click the link, opening a new tab in the background, the page seems to load (correct ...
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Using display: none VS a SPA approach, when it comes to SEO and performance

Say I have a component like, // first approach (SPA) const Component = () => { const [show, toggle] = React.useReducer(show => !show, false) return ( <div> {show && &...
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DOMContentLoaded vs. 'load' event vs. "Finish"

I understand that the Difference between DOMContentLoaded and load events, has already been answered, and as such it explains the last two values (1.40s, 4.66s) from Developer Tools, but if the 'load' ...
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