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Questions tagged [dokuwiki]

DokuWiki is a PHP written wiki engine which uses text files as backends as well as for configuration by default, no SQL database needed.

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1 answer

For a DokuWiki site, how to force new users to have an email address from a specific domain?

I am trying to manage a DokuWiki site designed for school members. The problem is that I have to check whether the new users are actually members of our school. Since DokuWiki sends temporary ...
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Loss of "add user" after migrating dokuwiki

I migrated an installation of dokuwiki from one server to another, following the instructions on the dokuwiki website. It worked (though I didn't test is as thoroughly as I should have), so I also ...
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1 answer

Is it possible to have different starting pages for visitors and logged in users using DokuWiki?

Within the DokuWiki config I can specify a startpage which is opened when my base URL is requested. I'd like to split my traffic of internal and external users on different startpages. Is it ...
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Is there any downside to using dokuwiki considering it does not use database?

I'm planing to use dokuwiki for my website but my friend told me since dokuwiki don't use database and store the data in plain text files it will put lots of strain on my host as my website grows and ...
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Moving just the DokuWiki data directory on other server

I have installed DokuWiki on IIS7. As per my teams requirement we have to move just the Data directory to other server location, e.g.: IIS7 installed DokuWiki location: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\dokuwiki\...
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Move the DokuWiki data directory somewhere else?

I need to move the DokuWiki data directory away from its default location (because I keep the installation and configuration in version control, but data needs to kept elsewhere, in order to be ...
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