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Why is there an /index folder that doesn't actually exist, and how to get rid of it

I feel embarrassed asking this question because I've been doing this so long, but I guess you're never too old to learn. Environment is Rocky Linux 8.8, Virtualmin Pro 7.7, Apache 2.4.37, PHP 8.1 (FPM)...
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Rewrite Ampache music server URL/DocumentRoot with .htaccess

I have ampache music server installed under What should I write in file to change the appearance of into
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Set the docroot for HTTPS access to subdomains/sub on Plesk

We have an odd situation with the docroot of our web-server administered in Plesk. In hosting settings a sub domain points to a path Document Root: /subdomain/sub the files however to not live there. ...
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Chrome bug: headless window not rendered (new tab in background) if outerWidth is referenced

[see updates at bottom] When I click on a to my website, it opens correctly in Google Chrome. When I command-click the link, opening a new tab in the background, the page seems to load (correct ...
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Are there any files or folders (apart from robots.txt and favicon.ico) which MUST go in the root directory according to their official spec?

I know that Robots Exclusion Protocol (robots.txt) Other similar .txt protocols (including sellers.json) favicon.ico must be placed in the root directory (according to their official spec), like ...
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Running PHP echo $_SERVER ['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; Shows Apache Default Path

Trying to get set up and running on a new hosting company after the old one announced they are discontinuing their service at the end of the year, I am having difficulty getting the sites to run. I ...
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When I have multiple .htaccess files between several sites, which is the active one?

I have 4 sites hosted with the same ISP. The sites were modified endless times, and now, I have several .htaccess files. One of the is at the main root. The others are spread in different places. For ...
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How can the index.html file be served from a sub directory of the DocumentRoot without using system level links?

How can the index.html file be served from a sub directory of the DocumentRoot without using system level links? For example: Let the document root of an apache 2.4 virtual host be dirA Let the the ...
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5 votes
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Temporarily redirect WordPress url with query string from root directory to new url

This post seems to have my answer: How can I redirect old WordPress URL (with a query string) to new URL using .htaccess? However, this does not seem to play nicely with WordPress' previous rewrite ...
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Remote document root being overwritten with local

Today an interesting problem has arisen. A piece of code that relies on the Server Document Root suddenly stopped working on only my browsers. My machine is where I develop locally using xampp, and ...
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Changing a document in the root domain folder

I am a relatively new web developer/marketing manager for an e-commerce website set-up using prestashop ( To start off they had hired an outside guy that created a ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Why I cannot see the root folder of my website?

I have a website hosted by Altervista on ComicPress theme. I purchased the second level domain, the URL is still I installed FileZilla client for entering the root folder ...
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Locking subdomain document root folder name (cpanel)

I have moved the document root on one of my domains to serve content from RAM and as a result, the Time to First Byte on average dropped 10ms when I tested my server from the other end of North ...
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Change WAMP root directory for Apache so uses a shared folder from another virtual machine

I have installed Windows on a VMWare workstation and installed WAMP on it. Also I have installed WAMP on the main system. So I have shared c:/wamp/www folder from main system to that Virtual machine. ...
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Can a later DocumentRoot directive override an earlier DocumentRoot directive?

Because I use cPanel, the WHM developers are trying to restrict my subdomain creation to any folder within my user account of /home/username. In order to improve processing speed, I created a ram ...
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