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DNS is the Domain Name System, a hierarchical, distributed database to map various information together, such as hostnames to IP addresses. The name is also used as a synonym for nameservers, the specific servers delivering the DNS feature. This tag should be used for all issues about configuration of DNS systems or troubleshooting problems in names resolution.

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Feedburner and Wordpress Multisite

I have recently setup Wordpress Multisite and have that working well. Now to complete the branding, I want to use for the MyBrand integration to Feedburner. I have setup the CNAME ...
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DNS Hosting with Purchased Domain Name

I have just purchased a domain name, however now I realise dns hosting was not free and I have to pay extra to set an MX, CNAME or A record. Do I have to do this with the same company I registered my ...
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Site not indexed by Google [duplicate]

I typed the following on Google: (1) site: (2) site: Only (2) gets indexed. Is this normal? The strange thing is, my Website is actually hosted on the server with ...
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6 votes
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How to test the migration of a domain without actually changing the domain?

I have a somewhat complicated situation. We have a blog let's say at and it is running fine. However, we now want to cut the budget and use a free hosting service The service ...
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Is it possible to find all subdomains for a certain domain?

a client of mine is currently hosting a web-project on one of his servers with some sub domains for previews, testing etc. Those are really hard to guess sub domains like: donottestme123789.example....
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Does registering a domain for 10+ years help search rank?

I've heard that registering a domain name for a very long time, say 5 to 10+ years, can help with your search rank. This seems at least plausible to me, since a fly-by-night, massive domain name farm ...
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3 answers

How can I get a history of DNS registration information?

Is there a canonical place that stores DNS registration information? For example for a domain that has changed hands a few times, can I see a listing of the owner information* over time and when the ...
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2 answers

How long does propagation of newly registered private name servers typically take?

I have an account with Hostgator, and have registered private name servers ( and How long should I expect to wait for those changes to take place? Should my ...
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28 votes
4 answers

Is there any way to redirect one domain to another via DNS settings keeping the path information?

For example, my domain is and when someone navigates to, I want it to redirect to I know that this can probably easily be done using ...
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Is it possible to create a 301 redirect and MX records at a naked domain?

I'm wondering since I found out that creating a CNAME and an MX record is not allowed. I want to create a 301 redirect from to, and have email with addresses. ...
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How to transfer domain from Godaddy to another provider

I'm currently using godaddy for all of my company domains, and I'm very unsatisfied with their service, specially with their site, so we are trying to migrate those domains to another provider. The ...
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4 answers

How can I create an SPF record on my hosted domain?

Emails from my domain (hosted at 1and1, and using Google Apps Premier edition) have sporadically been going to recipients' spam folders lately. I did some research, tested, and found out that I do ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How many domains to split components across?

I understand how splitting components across domains can maximize parallel downloads, and enable you to have cookie-free static content domains, but since there's a time cost for each domain lookup ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which DNS registrars will hide my WHOIS information? [closed]

Whilst browsing this question, some of the answers mentioned that certain registrars will replace your whois information with their own. Can anybody provide details on which registrars offer this ...
4 votes
2 answers

How to allow custom domains from end-users?

This is one of the things that has interested me for awhile, and I know that the service I am developing would greatly benefit from this. Various sites (Ning, Tumblr, Wordpress, etc) allow users to ...
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I have an old domain that I'm retiring. How do I set up a permanent redirect from the old domain to the new one?

I originally posted this as one of the defining questions for the site so I thought I'd ask it again. Currently I have DNS for both domains pointing to the same place but I'd like to set up a ...
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7 answers

Should I use a domain name registrar's free DNS hosting, or host DNS servers with another company?

Should I use my domain name registrar's free DNS hosting service, or host DNS servers with another company? (or both?) What are some advantages to using a DNS hosting company separate from the domain ...
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How to force browsers/ISPs to look for my new DNS?

I have changed the DNS for my domain. what code (or header) should I use in my old server to tell the visitor's browser or ISP that it should check for my new DNS and the current content is old? is ...
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