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how to show google , my website is fair use downloading site befor removing from results?

My website is for downloading software and is limited access for only users (by IP limitation) and there is no relation between this country and US for copyright policy (Circular 38a of the US ...
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How to stop false DMCA causing URLs to delist?

Recently a malicious actor started to attack the URLs of my website by using DMCA reports. I did not notice the first report so it caused me to delist some of the most important URLs of the website ...
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Remove DMCA removal notice from Google search results

I found a webpage which merely copied my blog entry, so I submitted a DMCA notice to Google. The notice was accepted and the page was removed from the Google search. This happened a couple of weeks ...
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DMCA Notice Because of an Exploit [closed]

A person sent a DMCA notice because my web site published its vulnerabilities. So I wonder if this is an illegitimate claim? Do you think, I should remove the page? Edit: I think I should add my ...
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Remove domain from Google's copyright infringement blacklist

My website lets people share subtitles, and sometimes users upload copyrighted material. Therefore, I wasn't surprised to find that google blacklisted the pages which contain copyrighted material, and ...
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What's the best act to fix if I've got a DMCA complaint when my vendor did copy someone's work?

Well, I hired a vendor to develop an interactive page a few months ago. However, yesterday I got an email from the Google search team that my page should be removed and has already been removed ...
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Google DMCA approved but link not removed

I had filed a DMCA against a website that had stolen my image. My review status shows approved but even after 2 weeks, the links were not removed from google search. While searching the image, it ...
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DMCA notice and takedown on one page affecting traffic on other pages

I recently received a DMCA notice on one of my blog articles. The article has been de-indexed by Google as of now. But the other posts, which generated a lot of traffic(and have nothing to do with ...
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Google DMCA removal - proper way to react to avoid being de-listed from SERP

Our site receives DMCA removal requests from Google and our pages being removed from Google. Our content is user generated (adult site). We want to remove the video but not the page itself (we can ...
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My website is hidden for using copyright content under DMCA complaint. How can i get it back?

My website is hidden for using copyright content under DMCA complaint. How can i get it back ? now it is showing "In response to a complaint that we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright ...
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Where can I find a list of all Notices of DMCA removal from Google Search?

We received some emails from google about DMCA removal from Google search results notice. Google has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that ...
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False DMCA complaint filed by competitor

How do I find out which of my competitors filed a DMCA complaint using my company's name as the one filing the complaint? We own trademark & copyright to this product and I have been working with ...
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How to deal with too many notices of DMCA removal for a video sharing service?

We have many daily notices of DMCA removal in our search console. Our website is a local video sharing service like Youtube. Many notices of our video URLs(uploaded by users) have not any copyright ...
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How to remove DMCA takedown?

Had my website removed from search results due to DMCA. I contacted 3rd party who replied and said that my site is now 'Whitelisted' to avoid future DMCA. Do I also have to file a counter-notice in ...
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Countering a DMCA removal from Google Search for a root category page

A category page got a Notice of DMCA removal from Google Search, submitted through Lumen Databases, for a copyright infringing thumbnail. We have noticed this is becoming a pattern and category root ...
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Someone is duplicating/reproducing my site what can I do?

Someone has created an exact copy of my site. At first, the code of his pages were identical to mine. A few days later he just replaced my internal links with the same links to his own domain. At ...
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DMCA Notice received from Microsoft's Azure server will effect in Google ranking?

I am doing a research on a case. A company received DMCA notice through Microsoft Azure Platform and after some days their ranking went down, their few pages were unindexed by Google Webmaster. So ...
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Can I find out who filed a DMCA request with AdSense against my genuine website?

So basically AdSense reported today that two of my pages have been DMCA and ads for those two pages are disabled. Now I think my pages are genuine, I wrote the text my self without plagiarism: it's a ...
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Does Google Penalize Domains After DMCA's Approval

I read a blog post where the domain owner filed DMCA take downs against a domain however the domain Google approved the DMCA takedown against is still out ranking the domain they stole from. Is the ...
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Do I have to provide email and an agent for Copyright Complaints?

I have a website and it works better for me to just have an online Copyright Complaint form, under DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement. But I see that big websites accept notices through email and ...
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What should I do after getting a DMCA report about a post on my site?

I am running a website on Blogger. Yesterday, I got a DMCA report about a post. Is it important and what should I do?
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Notice of DMCA Content removal from Google Search

I have spend the past couple of hours reading about DMCA complaints and I am more confused than before I started, a complicated technical issue on my side is also not making things easier for me, so I ...
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How can report to google that the reporter of a DMCA request not copyright owner?

For a removed URL by Google DMCA report, how can report to google that the reporter of a DMCA request not copyright owner?
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Content removal with Http response of 200

in these days I find out that an image hosting service called has a strange behavior when notified with a DMCA notice. It basically replace the content with a placeholder image but the ...
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Do you have to be in the United States to file a DMCA complaint?

I understand that DMCA complaints only work for search engines and webhosts which are based in the US. However, does the person filing the complaint also have to be in the US, or can anyone in any ...
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How much of your content needs to be copied before you can file a DMCA complaint?

I run a blog with a number of articles, and I noticed that there are a few sites out there that have copied the articles, or parts of articles. Where they have copied an entire article, I understand ...
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What is the proper way to send a DMCA to a hosting company?

Someone copied my entire website and is hosting it at a domain name similar to ours. That website's content is copyrighted to the website which we have been running for years. Each and every image, ...
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Do you need to have filed a Copyright to enforce the DMCA

I lead IS for my organization and the other day we found out a competitor stole all of the Copy Text from our corporate site and pasted it nearly verbatim to their own (the only changes were to ...
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Copyright infringement on an image from an article of mine

I just received a notification from my hosting provider which told me that a certain company sent a Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") copyright infringement notice regarding an image found in ...
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