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What is the use of Disaster Recovery Planning? [closed]

Im curious about Disaster Recovery Planning on what are they uses and how to use it in a proper way. Could someone help me or share there knowledge about it. Thanks in advance.
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What steps should you take to harden your website against censorship? [closed]

I am thinking about making a website for conservative crowdsourcing. Since AWS has shown they will ban customers, who spent who knows how much time building a platform on their infrastructure, I am ...
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How to import and read email files downloaded from a cPanel backup?

TLDR, question: How can I import and read all those HTML email and attachment files easily ? Most importantly, I need to read the attachments (PDFs) copies of signed contracts, in case... More info: ...
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How to recover or reset a forgotten admin password in DHIS2?

How can I find my DHIS2 admin password? I remember that I changed the default password but I do not remember what was the new one. Is there a way to change the password from bash?
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How to see previous look and feel from cached versions of a hacked website? [duplicate]

The main problem is I have no previous design samples like JPG or PSD files by which the site can be sliced again. So, I need the previous look and feel of the site before hacking. Otherwise, as I ...
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How to recover organic position in Google results after server down?

I have several sites that were doing quite well in terms of organic SEO rankings. I have the important sites setup in Google's Webmaster tools. Long story short, the system was down for about two ...
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2 answers

Recovery from URL structure change?

in July this year, we have changed the URL structure of the website from: Post: Category: to ...
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Website Disaster Recovery Strategy using DNS

I am attempting to formulate a Disaster Recovery strategy for our company website and would like to know if the following is even possible theoretically or practically? If I ask our Domain registrar ...
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6 votes
3 answers

How often should a website's disaster recovery plan be tested?

We all take backups hoping to never use them, but of course some day we are going to. I was wondering if there has been any best practice guide written about how often a disaster recovery plan should ...
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Domain expired- possible to find content that was on websites?

I had a domain that I let expire, and was subsequently purchased by someone else. I have several links on my website that are now directed towards their new site. I was wondering if it is possible to ...
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