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How to detect if a browser has English spellcheck enabled?

I'm building a language learning app and there are some input fields (using CKEditor 5) where users can input English text. CKEditor 5 has spellcheck plugins, but I am trying to keep my website as ...
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How do I identify and block a bot from my site?

In Google Analytics I can see that I started getting traffic to one page on my site, which is /search. It is as if a bot is visiting the site, entering "" in the search bar and pressing ...
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.htaccess language detection, redirect and friendly URLs [closed]

I'm having problems with my .htaccess file. RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP:Accept-Language} (fr) [NC] RewriteRule .* [R,L] RewriteRule .*
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How To Hide From BuiltWith?

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how works? How does it identify the platform or app a website is using? And most importantly does anyone know how to hide the details from it? Somehow ...
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How does one block unsupported web browsers?

Web browsers with an end of life no longer receive security updates which not only makes them vulnerable to the end user, but I imagine its not safe for the server's which receive visits by them ...
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Auditing ads served on websites for malware / badware - Does such a service exist?

We recently had a bit of a scare on one of the web properties we administer. One of the 3rd party advertisers that we use had an advertiser who was distributing malware. Although this only took ...
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Amazon Cloudfront Node detection

I have been using Amazon Cloudfront to server up media/js/css files stored in Amazon S3 for a website that is accessed internationally. I want to find out if Cloudfront is using the nearest node from ...
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Mobile redirect strategy

Looking for help on deciding how to redirect users to a mobile optimized version of my site ( Looking at two methods: Server configuration (.htaccess or even varnish) Webapp (php) The ...
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How can I monitor a website for malicious changes to the files

I had an occasion recently where our website was compromised - a link farm was added to a couple of the pages on one occasion, and on another occasion, a large and nasty aspx file was put on the ...
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How to show a preview thumbnail on Facebook of a imageless website?

I have recently designed a website with no img tags, only one big fat CSS sprite with everything in it. Though, when I try to publish that website on Facebook, it won't show a preview thumbnail — ...
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Detecting Browser Types?

My client has asked me to implement a browser detection system for the admin login with the following criteria, allow these: Internet Explorer 8 or newer Firefox 3.6 or newer Safari 5 or newer for ...
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Websites to detect who hosts a website?

What sites are there to detect what web host is hosting a website?