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Design is a broad term for something that has been created from a plan, there are thousands of types of design types (Web Design, Graphic Design, 3D Design, Etc.)

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When designing a website, how do you usually start?

In the past I've done some HTML, CSS and PHP coding, but I've only ever worked on things that were already "finished" and I've never started a website from scratch. However, I recently purchased a ...
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Putting altered social media logo icons on my website, can I get sued?

I would say most websites with a somewhat thought-through graphical design use social media icons (i.e Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc) which are altered to fit the theme and design of the site. Now, ...
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2 votes
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Customize Facebook Like Box - Policy Infringement

I'm just about to finish up a web project, and so far I've got good social media integration into the site's theme (Youtube and Twitter)...except Facebook Like Box for a not-for-profit's Facebook Page!...
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Should I bother to design web sites that can be viewed in 800x600 resolution?

How many people still use the old 800x600 resolution? Designing a site that can fit on the screen for this resolution is easy enough but when looking at the site on a high resolution screen it makes ...
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How do you enhance your websites speed without compromising the design and access?

How do you enhance your websites load speed without killing the design and accessibility? File compression, CDN, Gzip? What are the best tools for doing so? For example, Google has optimized their ...
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