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0 votes
2 answers

Google Analytics: Can't see demographics data

I just enabled Demographics feature by making changes via Admin and adding tracking code: ga('require', 'displayfeatures'); Anaytics code is like this: ga('create', 'UA-49788339-1', ''); ...
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1 answer

How to track demographic info of child (under 18 years old) website users?

I'm used to using Google Analytics and Hitwise to get demographic info (particularly age) of a websites' users. Neither of these track users under 18. I know it's unlikely for a range of reasons, but ...
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1 answer

Heat Map Tool Free [closed]

From looking online, the free heatmap tools consistently mentioned are ClickHeat and ClickDensity. comes up second when searching but it is not mentioned much. What feedback is ...
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Demographics and interests reports in Google universal analytics

I have an issue with Google Analytics, can't seem to find a guide how to activate Demographics and Interests reports. I am using the new version of analytics (Universal Analytics) and the script code ...
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2 answers

How does comScore determine gender?

I am curious how comscore determines gender, and would love to see some official documentation or information regarding this if possible.
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2 answers

Find demographic of keywords

I am using google keyword tool to make some research about "penang Island". There is any way to find out how people uses those keywords when there is a search? Something like which is their country or ...
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2 answers

How Many Google +1's Does a Website need in order for Google WebMaster's Tools to Show Characteristics?

I have added the Google +1 Button to my website and discovered the new Social Activity section in Google WebMaster's Tools. Apparently, one of the interesting things you can learn about your audience ...
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4 answers

Is it correct to just keep gender as male/female?

When designing a form that asks for a person's gender, should I take any special consideration for hermaphrodites or trans-gendered persons, or is M/F good enough? Is defaulting the gender offensive ...
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