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Is it worth changing external outbound links from http to https if the other site redirects properly?

Many of the outbound links on my site have changed but only from 'http' to 'https'. Do I need to add the 's' to all the links if they 301 redirect to HTTPS?
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How to get rid of unnecessary url's from google search console?

66 pages of my website which are all deleted still appears in page report of google search console. My eagerness is knowing all the possibilities. Questions include: 1. does this affect SEO? 2. How ...
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"See Index Coverage" link from sitemap not working in Google Search Console (not able to click)

For the last week, I've had this problem in Google search console. The "see index coverage" link is not working. I'm not able to click it to see index and submitted URLs in sitemap. I tried ...
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Is it possible to recover the content of a website no more available?

Some years ago I charged some information and pictures on a web platform which let companies and freelancers keeping in touch for professional purposes. In the meanwhile the website stopped working. ...
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Dead URLs from old CMS showing up in SERP. Wordpress not serving 404 when old links are accessed = old URLs won't die

Dead URLs from the previous CMS on this domain is displayed in SERP, most likely due to people still trying to access them through bookmarks or browser history. This traffic is picked up by Google ...
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Hurting my SEO : My pages DO exist still I am getting 404 status on few pages. Why?

I really need your help in resolving this, my ranking dropped, I diagnosed and it came that there were around 80 - 404 pages in google webmaster tool. They all exist.
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Is there a spider / link checker that can start deep inside a login-protected site

We use vendor hosted Blackboard for our distance education courses, but host course multimedia on our own servers. The multimedia server has been moved and the domain has changed. Blackboard DBAs have ...
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Should a link validator report 302 redirects as broken links?

A while ago, changed their URL structure from /commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9266 to /products/9266 This is nice, right? We don't need to know that it is (or was) a PHP page, ...
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Link error checking tool for linux [duplicate]

I use Xenu Kubj Sleuth to find out 404s and server errors on websites, but I'm not enjoying it, is there a better free tool out there that can preferably run in bash in linux that does the same thing ...
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Online dead link alert service

I'm looking for an online service that will periodically (daily) check for broken links on my site (~100 pages). I see lots of tools that you can download and run, and indeed have used such tools in ...
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How to detect broken external links and site wide spell checking?

I'm looking for known methods to scan our site and alert us of spelling errors and broken links. Our goals are basically to have something consistently checking the entire site for spelling errors and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How do i check broken links and images in my website?

I have recently moved my website from one server to another server. for my confirmation i would like to check the dead links and the missing images on my website. I would like to crawl every pages on ...
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Broken URL Finder?

Is there a broken-URL finder application that I could use to scan a website for broken links? (A Mac application would be better.)
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Good tool to crawl my site and help me find dead link and unlinked files [closed]

I have a pretty big legacy site with literally thousands of PDFs that are sometimes accounting for in a database, but often are just links on the page, and are stored in most every directory on the ...
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