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How can I prevent DOS 404 attacks involving non-existent URLs?

One of my virtual hosts running Apache is experiencing an influx of over 30,000 IP connections attempting to access non-existent URLs. Here's an example log entry: - - [13/Sep/2023:14:24:...
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my website is working fine but the traffic keeps dropping and i can't find the reason [closed]

My website is being attacked by IP range 66.249.72 My website is experiencing a huge drop in traffic even though it's working properly. I found that the IP address of google bot accessing my website a ...
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My website is being attacked by IP range 66.249.72

I am being attacked by IP ranges as shown below. I did a search on Google and found that it is an IP address range owned by Google LLC and located in United States
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From a technical standpoint, why do we have to pay for any domain name?

In terms of the ownership of any domain name, why is it that a person or a company who owns a website and the technology to make the said website work has to pay "extra" money to "rent&...
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Is there a risk to hosting service if hot-potato site is using cloudflare?

Picture a politically hot website that might be subject to a DDOS attack. If that site is hosted at and then uses cloudflare or another CDN, is the hosting service vulnerable to a ...
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Huge number of requests for recently online website

I recently put a new website online on a .com domain. It is not advertised, and the number of "real" users is basically zero. It is secured via cloudflare. Since linked with the .com domain, ...
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SEO Ranking for a website under DDOS attack

Our website was under a DDOS attack and the attacker demanding $5000 to stop it. Under this condition, we have blocked all the traffic from outside India. Our customers are from ONLY India and we ...
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Why is my regional website being hit by thousands of Chinese IP addresses?

For a few days now one of my websites (a local travel guide) has been getting a massive number of hits from Chinese IP addresses. This is to the point that my log files are 10 times bigger and my ...
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Will DDoS testing one’s own site negatively impact networks between me and my site?

I’ve been planning to DDoS test my own site to see the capacity of my site, but gave up at last cause I saw this word of advice: DDOS attack does not magically reach to the target. It will violate ...
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Best resources for learning how to prevent malicious usage? [closed]

I'd like to work on creating a public website, but I'm concerned about the potential for it to be the target of some attack. I'm aware of some of the more common attacks like XSS, query injection, ...
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Can many single page hits from a variety user agents from the same VPN with the same screen resolution be hurting my search rankings?

I am trying to clarify what is happening with the traffic on my site. Lately I am being flooded with many strange hits, mostly from US and they seem to only open 1 page or visit for few seconds. The ...
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How can I protect stratum+tcp from DDoS?

There was a question asking this posted earlier (seems to have been removed) and I did some research to find the answer. You can protect http and https from DDoS using Cloudflare but non-http ...
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Should we use Amazon CloudFront? (We need mitigate cost attacks)

We want to serve our files from Amazon S3. We are worried about cost DoS attacks (deliberately downloading files from Amazon many times, in order for us to pay a big bill to Amazon). We don't have ...
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Facebook crawler with no user agent spamming our site in possible DoS attack

Crawlers registered to Facebook (ipv6 ending in :face:b00c::1) were slamming our site, seeing 10s of thousands of hits in just 20 minutes. We noticed they didn't have a user agent in the header and ...
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