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How to set datetime attribute when displaying the same time for multiple time zones?

If I have a date output with multiple time zones such as this which I'm using for an events page: Oct 30, 2021 - 07:00 AM AEDT, Oct 29, 2021 - 21:00 PM BST, 15:00 PM CDT, 16:00 PM EDT Is there a ...
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Is it valid to use "time ago in words" for Date/DateTime properties?

I have a message board site and wanted to incorporate some schema to its posts. One of the main attributes for posts is the time in which they're creating in. With that being said I came across the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Chrome isn't loading static content due to HTTP2_SESSION_RECV_INVALID_HEADER - Invalid character in header name - last-modified

HTTP2_SESSION_RECV_INVALID_HEADER --> error = "Invalid character in header name." --> header_name = "last-modified:" --> header_value = "Thursday,%2009-Aug-2018%2001:21:53%20GMT" This error ...
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Joomla article dates displaying in erroneous format [closed]

All my article dates started showing as %AM, %22 %041 %2015 %00:%Sep. I have looked at language overrides for DATE_FORMATL1, and others. They are all set to F j, Y. There are two languages loaded, ...
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Why is the sitemap validator returning an error for the "lastmod" tag?

The sitemap of my company's brand's website seems to be fine when I look at it at first glance. I don't particularly see any errors as such. However, SEMrush, the SEO tool, reports that our sitemap is ...
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1 answer

Dates in USA for the normal user

I am from Europe. I am confused about dates in USA. I have seen different ways to show the date in USA: Rss feed: Thu, 15 August 2017 Schema and Sitemap: 2017-08-15 Wikipedia: August 15, 2017 https://...
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0 answers

Configure Adsense and Google Analytics to consistently use ascending date format in reports

This might not be a big issue for some, but it bugs me a lot. The date format for google Adsense, Analytics and AdMob is M/dd/YYYY eg. Feb 1 2017. In some reports the date is mm/dd/yyyy eg. 01/02/...
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1 answer

Does the "birth date" attribute in need to be in a specific format?

When creating structured data using, does the birth date need to be in a specific format? Currently on the website I am working on the birth dates are written as: "15 Jan 1980" ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Time element in WordPress site not in format required by HTML5

I'm trying to display blog posts using the BlogPosting schema, but I am having difficulty getting the date to display in an acceptable format. Currently, the responsive_child_post_meta_data() ...
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1 answer

A date format that isn't picked up by Google as keyword

My site is lacking a bit of written content through reasons I cannot control, but it does feature a lot of dates. Currently my top keyword is "Jul" because my date format is like this: 10th of Jul ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Why is this date in my sitemap "invalid" according to Google

My XML sitemap file has <lastmod>2013-07-06T09:39:51-0400</lastmod> formatted with W3C Datetime Format. Google has a warning message in webmaster tools about this for me: Google's help ...
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