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How Can I Update WHMCS Domain Pricing For 1st - 10th year (with all years in between) from a .csv please

I am starting out and on an extremely low budget, nor am I a coder. WHMCS is missing some key functionality including any documentation with creating a .csv to upload prices. I need to update my ...
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Improve SEO by forcing web crawlers to read csv file searching for keywords

I am trying to improve the seo of my website and I recently used an online seo tester for my first custom-coded website. I am trying to improve the number of unique keywords and textual content ...
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Why is Google reporting CSV files as "soft 404"?

I have a few hundred soft 404 errors reported in Google Search Console. Almost all of them are for CSV files containing data. For example here is the HTTP response for one of them: HTTP/1.1 200 ...
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Data import using CSV into DHIS 2

We have a lot of legacy data sitting on our Excel file that we need to import into our new DHIS2 database. How can we upload the data onto the DHIS using CSV? It is costing us a lot in terms of time ...
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Export Foxbase database tables to csv

I have no experience with Foxbase whatsoever and I'm used to working with MySQL via phpmyadmin or interfaces like that. My company has a third party database we're trying to move away from, but we ...
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Problem importing some features into PrestaShop from a CSV file [closed]

I am trying to import my CSV catalog to my shop. Each product has 3 features. For example: Type:New:0 Capacity:69ml.:1 PartNumber:X556D23:2 The import process finishes OK without errors.....
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