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A library which implements design pattern conventions standardized within the framework.

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AMP for mobile and Bootstap for Desktop

I was just curious if I can develop a website that will be AMP for mobile and Bootstrap or whatever framework for Desktop. And if I can do this without a redirect so Google search from mobiles will ...
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Cached Bootstrap vs Custom CSS

I am debating whether to use an existing framework such as Bootstrap which has a decent chance of being cached vs custom CSS which has zero chance of being cached. Which is better from a UX point of ...
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Bootstrap tutorial [closed]

I am a newbie :( Out of a mix of curiosity and a desire to live on the edge, I just downloaded Twitter's Bootstrap! I see many cool bells and whistles there! The problem is I don't know how to go ...
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Is there a comparison of Frameworks, Grid Systems and Boilerplates? [closed]

There are so much of them, how can I know what to use for a project?
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Too many web design aid framework - Is it wise to use frameworks? advantage or disavantage? [closed]

Too many web design aid framework - IS it wise to use frameworks? advantage or disavantage? I have seen many framework like... impress.js 960grid framework
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Using style.less from doesn't properly show changes I make to the style.less file?

I inherited a wordpress project that was initially developed by another developer and for the CSS they utilize the script from: (which so far seems to not only be overkill but ...
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Marketplace to buy Templates for Twitter Bootstrap framework?

Are there any sites where I could buy a site template designed in Twitter Bootstrap (so that it's easy to modify)? I'm working on a site redesign and I think finding a template that looks close ...
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Is there a way to compile LESS files to CSS (so that every browser doesn't have to)?

I'm considering using LESS but I cringe at the thought of a browser having JavaScript disabled and my CSS not being readable (and the site looking awful). Also, it offends the engineer in me to force ...
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What are some CSS3 frameworks available? [closed]

I never knew about the idea of a CSS framework until I found Twitter's Bootstrap ( on StumbleUpon. What are some of the other good CSS frameworks out there?
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Responsive Design: Which Framework Should I Use? CSS3 & HTML5

I've been looking for a suitable set of HTML5/CSS3 foundation files to start new projects on. I started off piecing together my own files, but I believe I might be better served in finding a solid and ...
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Slideshows in elastic or fluid layouts?

I'm building a new WordPress TwentyTen child theme using the ElastiCSS framework ( ) and am trying to figure out the best way of using some sort of dynamic content slideshow. ...
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Can you recommend a CSS Framework (or UI Framework) for enterprise web apps? [closed]

Is there a CSS Framework that tries to provide for business applications, specifically? I've looked at the Mocha UI which is based on MooTools. Honestly, though, I'd like to avoid dealing with ...
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Need a CSS framework that has variables and "mixins"

I was using Less CSS but it creates too much duplication. Each HTML page I have includes 3 different stylesheets; two are common to all the pages (IE-support and 960 grid system) and the third ...
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Good CSS Books/Resource

I used to play around with CSS and 5 years later here I am. I don't have a clue of what CSS means now-a-days. I was wondering if you guys knows what the best resources and books are to learn CSS. I ...
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When should I use a CSS framework?

What are the best practice scenarios for using a CSS framework? When is it better to "roll your own" CSS from scratch rather than using frameworks?
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