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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy for managing customer interaction. Sofware is often used as a tool to help implement CRM strategies. CRM software usually focus on front office tasks such as sales, marketing and customer service. Sometimes it is powered by business intelligence software and integrated with back end systems.

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Timezone setting while integration between Google adwords and Salesforce sales cloud

We've integrated Google AdWords accounts with Salesforce sales cloud account to track lead creation & conversion data based on the GCLID values. Currently, the date format in salesforce is GMT+0:...
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Discrepancy between Events and Goal Completions

There has been a discrepancy between Events and Goal Completions in Google Analytics. These events are sent from Salesforce using Measurement Protocol and the events don't match goal completions. For ...
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Events not showing in any view except Raw view?

For some reason some events sent from a Zoho CRM extension via Measurement protocol don’t appear in any views besides raw view (and that copying filters to raw views doesn’t seem to make a difference)....
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Validating emails

I am using a CRM with about 50k contacts in it and I really want to get serious about who we send information to. One of many steps in this is going to be email address validation. Would writing a ...
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Privacy concern to track every user actions in your website?

We are building a system that track every user (logged in) actions, e.g. click, pageview, duration etc and store into a database. So all the user activities will be known and we are using them to ...
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Project planning and customer tracking system

First off, sorry if this is the wrong 'stack' site, but it seemed like a good place to start. I'm happy to report that my services as a web developer are starting to be in quite a lot of demand, and ...
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Suggestions required to build an ECommerce Platform [closed]

For a prospective client we have to offer a solution to provide following system: CMS Order Management Shopping Cart CRM Helpdesk Accounting & Finance Custom Functions In order to save time and ...
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Looking for a support portal where users have a dedicated rep

I'm looking for a (hopefully) hosted app that would let me have my customers interact with customer support; but unlike Assistly or any of the million help desk apps out there, each user will have a ...
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