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Can I remove thousands of 5xx server errors from Google Search Console at once?

I want to remove coverage errors (server error 5xx) from Google Search Console at once. Currently I have 1.57k errors.
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Website not indexed after domain expired and the site was down for a week

My website was well indexed and everything was working but unfortunately some weeks ago someone forgot to renew the domain and the website was down for more than a week. We renewed the domain and ...
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Unknown long phrases searched on my website reported in search console coverage

I checked my search console coverage. It seems that many long phrases are being searched on my site, and I have many noindex pages in coverage, but I have never made such a page. is my website hacked. ...
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Google Search Console lists recently added URL in excluded report but live test reports "URL is in Google"

About a week ago I added a new page and asked Google to index it using GSC. My site typically takes a couple of weeks before Google ultimately adds it to any search query results, so I'm not ...
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How long will it take to validate a fix to a "500 Server Error" in Google Search Console?

I opened site (made with Wix) on the 25th August, and submitted sitemap in Google Search console. Then I got the Server error (5xx) in coverage reporting: on the 29th August, my website has no other ...
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Google Search Console coverage reports "Submitted URL marked 'noindex'" for a 404 page not in the sitemap without a noindex tag

Error: "Submitted URL marked 'noindex'" error in the Google Search Console coverage report Situation URL is not submitted in our sitemap Google is not indexing the URL There is no noindex ...
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3 votes
4 answers

My domain is not indexed on Google after a migration, while Google Search Console says it is

I have a huge indexation problem for my website since I redirected it on May 2020: only 5 pages are indexed whereas it is a 16k pages website (therefore, my traffic dropped by 98%...
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5 votes
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“See Index Coverage” link from sitemap not working in Google Search Console

Why is my “See Index Coverage” button is disabled? I created the property 2 months ago and also submitted sitemap then. I still can't see my index coverage for the sitemaps I submitted.
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Should I take any action over "Crawled - currently not indexed" or let it go?

More of these pages are appearing on the "crawled currently not indexed" section of the Google Search Console coverage report. I believe this is somewhat related to pagination and I should block it. ...
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