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Questions tagged [copyright]

A legal concept intended to protect the intellectual property rights of authors and artists by making unauthorized copying a civil or criminal offense.

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Company / Product Info Directory Website - Copyright Laws

I want to create a large business directory website , which would allow a user (buyer) to search, filter and identify suitable products. I would require company logos and use of product names (TM,...
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Control usage rights in Google image search

Can anyone explain what you need to do for your website images to get them to either show as Creative Commons licenses or Commercial & Other licences under Google Images Usage Rights filter? Is ...
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Changing hyperlinks on my Web page to use the PAT2PDF site instead of USPTO - are there copyright issues regarding third-party pages?

I have a Web site. On one of the pages of my site, there are two hyperlinks to USPTO (US Patent & Trademark Office) resources, among other content and hyperlinks. One of these two hyperlinks is of ...
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Is og:image and copyright free when using on own site?

When using og:image the website tell other sites that Facebook and other social media platforms can use this image as a preview for a shared link. If I have a site that is not a social media platform, ...
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How to search and retain news data for the purpose of curation without any copyright issues

I am currently using The Bing News Search API with Rakuten RapidAPI in order to get news articles and curate them on my site. However, I just read the API's display requirements which has restrictions ...
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Can screenshots of sports sites be used on a blog?

I'm writing a blog on hockey news, analyzing things such as trade rumors, what players would fit on what teams, and what players are performing better than others. To do this, I want to use ...
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Legal risks when using royalty-free content?

Are there any actual legal risks at all when using royalty-free content in your monetized videos, from a well known site intended for that exact purpose? Can an author/owner of the content you ...
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So, how does it work with copyrighted images from unknown sources?

A website looks better with fitting pictures. While designing my website I am using Google images to search for the right pictures (next time I will probably use a website that stores free images). ...
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Usage of product photos on commercial website

We are finishing a web-site for a bar that will have photos of drinking products like a can of Coca Cola, a bottle of Red Label, etc, since they are the products commercialized by the website owner at ...
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How does Serpi protect from web crawling restrictions

I'm thinking of making a website to find the lowest price of an item on the net. The problem is that in the terms of use of Google search API it says that it is forbidden to: Scrape, build databases, ...
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Can I use the thumbnails of external links in a news aggregator website?

I'm building a site where I need to post some news (links) about a specific subject. I'll gather them around and aggregate them on my site. The question is: Can I use their thumbnail to promote ...
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Product images and descriptions on web store – copyright issues (Ireland/EU law)

I’m looking to sell some products online into a foreign market (which likes this Irish product). So I need to put images and production descriptions on my site. I’m not buying directly from the ...
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