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An HTTP cookie is a piece of data stored by the user's web browser. Unless otherwise specified, cookies can be created, read, modified and deleted and modified both by JavaScript and from server-side scripts by reading the headers.

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Google Analytics and the EU cookie directive. Who will fall foul of the law? Google or the developer?

So Google uses cookies when performing its usual duties of tracking users on a website. That is just it though; Google are setting the cookies and not your website as such. This is by virtue of the ...
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Does the EU cookie law apply to an EU site that is hosted outside of the EU?

I have been reading up about this EU cookie law, and have also had in depth conversations with my girlfriend who is a solicitor/lawyer and with colleagues while building websites. While we are now ...
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Has the EU sued any site(s) yet for not complying with their cookie "law"?

EUROPA websites must follow the Commission's guidelines on privacy and data protection and inform users that cookies are not being used to gather information unnecessarily. - source Many people find ...
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How can I tell Google Analytics to not use cookies for my sub domain?

I have my web site at, and i have also setup a sub domain for serving static content at On my web pages I'm using Google Analytics, so it will attach its cookies to all ...
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Do many users turn off cookies?

Just how generally prevalent is it that users have cookies disabled in their browsers? I want to set a cookie during a user's session so that all the pages know that the presence of a particular ...
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How many domains to split components across?

I understand how splitting components across domains can maximize parallel downloads, and enable you to have cookie-free static content domains, but since there's a time cost for each domain lookup ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Why is the EU cookie directive causing so much excitement?

I am confused by all the excitement surrounding the EU cookie directive; why is it such a painful thing? As far as I can see cookies that are required for your site to function are allowed such as ...
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First time message/popup in site (by cookie), Googlebot and SEO

I have a site (based on dynamic content by JS) and I want to trigger a first time popup to users in order to make them register to the newsletter (it will be cookies based). Is there a way to do that ...
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MediaWiki and EU cookie consent

I own a MediaWiki website that is showing Google AdSense. As of September 30th 2015 AdSense requires compliance with the EU cookie law. The Google Adsense Team is pointing to
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Who is affected by the EU cookie law?

Every source on the web keeps telling me what the cookie law is, but not whether I have to obey it or not. So I'm asking here: who must obey the cookie law? Is a website hosted by a server physically ...
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Is it possible to track URL parameters and then the value of a cookie?

I have recently launched a site for a customer which we would like to track initial visits on URLs like below via Google Analytics, and then track revisits on their respective referral code: Users ...
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2 answers

What is the percentage of users that block cookies in their web browser?

What is the percentage of web users that use either cookie blocking software for their web browsers or software that blocks Google Analytics tracking?
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Age verification in website

I am working on a website for a client that is requesting a way to verify your age. I have debated on creating a cookie that stores your age but I am unsure on a few things. How does SEO play into ...
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What does the Quantcast __qca cookie do?

I'm reviewing the cookies served up from my website and one of them is a first-party cookie __qca which seems to be set by Quantcast. I'm sure this is just used for tracking, but I can't find this ...
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How to read user unique code from _ga cookie?

Currently I am facing the problem that have been discussed already here: How to keep track of a unique and an existing visitor (keep track about unique user without registration etc.). The most ...
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GA4 massive spam spikes from cities in different country

More than a Month now our website has massive spikes in direct traffic. So my thoughts are spam. I discovered a lot of traffic from certain cities, especially Boardman, Montreal, Columbus. What is the ...
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Using cookies on a site to redirect based on location - Googlebot crawling

I've recently began working on a Wordpress site that uses cookies to redirect a user to the appropriate regional page based on their location with geolocation. One thing I've noticed is that this ...
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Can search engines change language and read the cookie?

I am building a multi language website in PHP and prepared all my strings in English by default using gettext() My locale/it_IT/LC_MESSAGES/ file is working correctly and now I need to sort ...
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What are these cookies for: __switchTo5x, __unam, __qca?

I tested on my local Mac's (OS X 10.6.8) Apache. Just now, I did a print_r($_SERVER) from a PHP script, and it shows these three cookies. What is that all about? I didn't set them. Is this something ...
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