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Can't create site connection in Contribute. Administrator account removed from domain

I have been tasked with administering several sites through Contribute. The previous administrator has since left and his domain account was removed. I believe I had been set up as an additional ...
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Redesigning parts of a site maintained with Adobe Contribute

An existing client had a site done for them using (I guess) Dreamweaver which is maintained by Contribute. I have neither of these. They wish the home page reengineered and have asked me to do the ...
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Are there discussions about developing a user contributed website?

I'm developing a website where users will be the ones who add new input, validate new suggestions and correct incorrect information. (Much like this site). To make sure that abuse of these rights by ...
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Allowing customers to edit static website via WYSIWYG

I've set a few clients up with Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Contribute to edit static html content. Add the comments to prevent them from causing too much damage and it works okay: <!-- ...
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