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Compare two different URL directories in Google Analytics [closed]

I want to pull out 2 directories only in Google Analytics to compare them. Can we do that? What is the proper code? | Source / Medium | Matching RegEx | ^(bing / cpc | adcenter / cpc)$ This does ...
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I have product comparasion long title [duplicate]

I have Website with product comparasion. Also I am thinking what to do with my titles. 4 product comparasion: Apple iPhone 6S Plus vs Samsung galaxy S7 Edge vs Microsoft Lumia 820 XL DTE SIM DUAL vs ...
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Price comparison sites and its effect on Google ranking

I am the webmaster of a website that contains roughly 10,000 products. I would be possibly interested to index those products in a price comparison site like PriceGrabber, Nextag, Shopbot, etc. The ...
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Advice On Price Comparison Affiliate Programs [closed]

I want a price comparison feature on my site similar to Consumer Reports' "Price & Shop" section. They use, but as far as I can tell they have a special deal with CR, so I can't ...
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4 answers

CMS or web-framework? - When to use which?

When should I use a Content Management System, and when should I use a web-framework?
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3 answers

Is there any service for Linux Virtual Private Server comparsion of providers? [closed]

I'm going to buy Linux Virtual Private Server, but I would like to compare offers that hosting companies have. I would like to compare servers memory, disk, bandwidth, cpu and price per month. So far ...
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Web analytics accuracy - log files vs JavaScript

I've just read a claim on a web stats package site that suggests that log files generate more accurate stats than their JavaScript-based counterparts. This seems to be an over-simplification at best; ...
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Blackhat SEO, reviewing a sites strategy

There is a website I am interested in reviewing for academic purposes. It is a highly corrupt business in my opinion, and is still very popular and profitable. I believe it is using Blackhat SEO ...
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What is the difference between JSP and PHP regarding hosting?

Is it easy to host a jsp website like PHP? Is the server open source like Apache? and What is the best server for jsp?
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