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Setting up a classic webring — should I add `rel=sponsored` to the links?

Back in the day, when backlinks weren't such a spam vector, sites (usually small personal sites) used to be part of webrings; they'd dedicate part of their pages to promoting other sites in the same ...
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Sources of revenue for community-led content sites

I own a large automotive forum. Its very mature and has been around with one of 3 domains names since 2001.) We get solid traffic and peaked about 5 years ago with approx 4m page views monthly. The ...
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How do I host my community as a subdirectory rather than subdomain?

I want to harness the SEO benefits of having my community portal sitting as a folder of my main domain, rather than as a subdomain. A lot of the content that is naturally generated is relevant to my ...
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Should I use a subdomain or subdirectory for a Q & A forum section of a site?

I run a coupons and deals website in a niche market, and I'm in the process of adding a questions and answers section to it. Based on my research, I found popular websites that use either ...
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How to handle gender and sexual orientation on a form with select boxes more inclusively?

The existing question and the answers for it are not satisfying when one wants to be more inclusive. Gender as Male, Female or No Answer works for some sites, but not others. Taking the view that ...
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Preventing adult content in a forum

I'm working on a forum that allows images attached to the posts and doesn't require registration. Thing is, I'd like to provide a work-safe navigation option in which the posts with porn images ...
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White hat security community [closed]

A while ago I remember there existed a community of savvy people who would probe a server for common vulnerabilities, this was a voluntary project but not even google can help me find it, I was hoping ...
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Which approach for big community (large number of members) but in small groups (2-4) persons?

Started asking this: Another Question Thought that the idea of implementing this in a forum would be a good idea but its not. I am desperately searching for ways to create (hopefully) a large ...
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How to save a forum that is losing activity?

With the rise of sites like Reddit, Stack Exchange, etc. the bulletin board has slowly decreased in activity. I run a nonprofit security, ethical hacking and programming forum that was once very ...
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What are my options for Web 2.0 gallery software? [closed]

My question is: What are my options if I need a Web 2.0 gallery software that work in a very similar manner to this removed web site. Essentially: users can create account, then create and manage ...
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How can I stop users from leaving after they are told they violated a rule?

I run a small forum, and occasionally we get someone who will break a minor rule, e.g. they post something in the wrong forum. When this happens we'll usually send them a message explaining to them ...
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Turnkey software for a community website [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which Content Management System (CMS) should I use? I'm looking for some software to run a small community website. Ideally, what I want is: A wiki Static pages of some kind, ...
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The concept of reputation and its effects on an online community

Having recently introduced the concept of a '+rep' button to an online community I manage, I've noticed a couple of things. It functions as the thanks button does on vBulletin (user says 'thanks' to a ...
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How to turn visitors into site members (running a Q&A site)?

My Site is getting around 250 unique visitors from search daily. What UI changes (or other changes) should I make to make it more appealing so more users become members? If its too broad to answer ...
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Which CMS system for a community based site?

I am a grey-haired professional programmer, quiet conversant in PHP, MySql, HTL, CSS which means I can tweak things or code plugins if need be, but I’d like something off the shelf as far as possible. ...
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How to start and encourage an online community?

We're looking to add a forum/online community area to our website. Previous attempts of encouraging comments and interaction have failed and the community tends to die a death eventually. So, I've ...
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How to add RSS to a community page on Facebook?

I have a website with a RSS (fixed, I had written "CSS" instead) that I would like to post regularly to a Facebook community. Whereas there are lots of tutorials for doing that in a personal Facebook ...
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Which forum software has the most advanced community/GetSatisfaction type features? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Forum Software should I use? I need to assemble a GetSatisfaction/Lithium/Jive type support forum/community. The first is not available in the desired language and the ...
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How do you start an on-line community? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to start and encourage an online community? How do you start an on-line community QA site similar to stackoverflow?
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Should I use subdomains or subfolders for my user groups?

I run a photography website where each user has its own subdomain (i.e. I'm thinking of adding user groups but I'm unable to decide if I should also associate a separate subdomain or ...
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In search of open source alternative to Sharepoint

Looking for suggestions on a platform whether paid or open-source that would provide a intranet-like solution for document sharing, blog, events posting, etc. Google Apps/Doc is not an option, needs ...
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Can drupal do this?

I am a php developer using mostly CakePHP, magento, and wordpress. I want to create a community driven website aimed at the volunteering community that will let users sign up, create profiles, add ...
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Is there any way to really ban people from a website?

Suppose you have a user who is posting really offensive stuff on your website and so you ban them from your site (let's suppose your web app has a way to mark that user account as banned so they can't ...
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