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jpeg image colours look different in FF, Chrome + Safari [closed]

We seem to be experiencing issues with some of our jpeg product images displaying colours differently across different browsers. (When wrong, they look as if their hues have been shifted and vibrancy ...
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Animated GIFs contain distorted colors but static GIFs with the same content are fine

What I am doing I'm capturing short animated 600x300 GIFs to use on a web site to showcase the functionality of a desktop Windows application. What I do specifically is: Use Camtasia Recorder (v7.1) ...
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Does a script tag really need a color defined?

I went to to test my website for accessibility issues. While it found no actual problems, it found about 100 potential issues. One of them is this: 1.4 Distinguishable: Make it easier ...
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Do any colors need to be explicitly defined for a webpage to comply with WCAG?

I went on to test my website for WCAG (accessibility) compliance. The tool does work, but I'm wondering if the tool is 100% perfect. It seems the tool requires me to have A,EM,IMG{...
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Would Google think a hidden "skip to content" link is deceptive?

When I tested my website in the past with powermapper tools, It suggested I should add a "skip to content" link hidden off-screen to help people with screen readers use the website. I can completely ...
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How are hexadecimal color codes added together to produce a color in HTML?

I know that web colors use RGB color model in which red, green, and blue colors are ADDED together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors. Now, suppose I have a color: #800080 (which is ...
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