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PHP CodeSniffer: indentation of 2 is ignored, it just checks 4

# phpcs --version PHP_CodeSniffer version 1.3.3 (stable) by Squiz Pty Ltd. ( # Trying to do this: phpcs --tab-width=2 includes/json/item/categorie.php FOUND 29 ERROR(S) AND 3 ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to promote the quality/security of your a website to your its customers?

Our organization is building a Drupal web platform that we aim at reselling as a cloud service. In order to provide our customers with maximum confidence in our solution, we're looking at ways of ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How do you handle bad scripts or plugins

As web developers obviously we don't want to reinvent the wheel with everything we do so best practice would dictate when necessary we should use third party scripts and plugins. Recently I have ...
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3 votes
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How can I automatically clean, beautify, and autoindent dynamic HTML code?

Using content management systems to build dynamic sites invariably results in ugly HTML. Indent levels are often wrong, white space litters the page, and a host of other tiny annoyances plague anyone ...
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What are best practices for Drupal QA? For example, how would you check for hard coded broken links?

Looking for suggestions on how to QA a Drupal website. Thanks!
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15 votes
2 answers

How to ignore certain coding standard errors in PHP CodeSniffer

We have a PHP 5 web application and we're currently evaluating PHP CodeSniffer in order to decide whether forcing code standards improves code quality without causing too much of a headache. If it ...
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